Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My little patch of heaven......

Handmade heaven that is.....

I have just joined all the fabulous Queensland handmadies and rented myself a space at Handmade Heaven.

I'm so happy with my decision to be there.....and I'll tell you why.

I've often been tempted to stock in retailers, but I'm really put off by the equation of having to figure out a wholesale price that makes you a fair profit, so that a retailer can then double it to sell on to the customer.
Of course this is totally viable and common practice. They have overheads to pay....big ones. They have to make a profit too. Only natural.

But it means my customer, the average Joe, would be paying double. That kills me.

So when I heard of how Liesa was planning on running Handmade Heaven a little differently to other retailers, I was eager to learn more. The business structure she's come up with, makes it so affordable for crafters like me to give it a go.

Bottom line...... this means I can stock in a fabulous Queensland retailer and keep my prices the same as I do for my Melbourne markets. That idea sits very well with me....hopefully it does with you too.

shop 11, The Old Flour Mill, Brisbane st, Ipswich.

So do pop by if your in the 'hood and support all the work on display in Handmade heaven. I'll be up there in a few weeks doing all my x-mas shopping too. I can't wait.

If you'd like to see your goodies up there in the sunshine state too, just email Liesa for all the info. Spaces start at only $5....... That's less then a mc value meal!


  1. Oh Yay Jay...I am so super excited that you have decided to join Handmade Heaven...I believe that Queenslanders are ready for FINKI.


  2. Your Handmade Heaven space looks amazing! I've considered renting a space in shops like that, but with my cushions I'd need a huge shelf space and I just can't afford it yet. Please tell us all about how it works out for you.

  3. Congratulations Jay. It sounds like Liesa is really focused on the crafters and is providing a great space to show off your stuff. Good on you for taking a chance and giving it a go.

  4. Hi Jay, looking forward to having you at Olive Grove, welcome! x


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