Monday, November 16, 2009

Gettin' ready...

Lots and lots of exciting things happening in the world of Finki....
too many for one blog post so I'll try my bestest to come back often this week, for updates.

My little study has been a blur of activity as I prepare for an abundance of markets through Nov, Dec. Lots of new fabrics and papers to work with and plenty of ideas running around, so it's been non stop action.

I really do wish the days were longer, or maybe that my body didn't really need eight hours sleep a night ,cause there is so much I want to do....

But, save giving myself an artistic meltdown.....and brain melt....I have reverted to writing lists, lots and lots of lists.
It's the only way I can move forward with a sense of achievement. Ticking as I go.

So on the drawing board this week has been lots of new art journals,

and a little time away from the study, for some sea breezes.

I'll be back soon with more pics of all the other new stuff as well as the goss on my very exciting foray into the world of retail....right here in Melbourne!


  1. You didn't spill any beans about retail on Saturday...or did I just miss it? I can't wait to hear more!

  2. great seeing you the other day & thanks for teaching me Ki's knitting technique!
    have fun on your exciting adventure and see you soon


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