Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh what a day....

Finally a chance to sit and tell you all about my time at the "Northside Makers Market" on the weekend.Words like fun, sun and lots of glitter come to mind. Along with a sense of absenteeism from the event. Strange but true! I had that sort of out of body experience where you're there but not really present. There was just so much going on.

It felt just like organising a wedding.
Months and months of planning. Making sure uncle Earl gets to sit next to auntie Bess. Remembering to have stuff for the kids to do so they don't get bored, wondering......did I put the milk in the fridge? Did I remember to stop and chat to everyone?
And of course...we left something at home and had to do a runner at the 11th hour.......
that was soooo gunna happen, no matter how organized I tried to be.

But, gosh it was fun.

I finally got myself set up, the craft table organized and headed in to the kitchen to set up tea and coffee when I stopped for the first time to look around.

There was a sea of people shopping, stallholders chatting, a line for buying cupcakes and a kettle slowly boiling....... Just perfect.

From then on in the day ran so smoothly. Each and every stallholders had such a beautiful table of handmade goodies on offer. (See more pics here) The vibe was a buzz of art, creativity, family, and fun. Which was our aim, 100%. So I'm so glad it all panned out the way we had hoped.

Mr. Finki did a marvellous job of manning my stall all day and the glowing baby mama, Auntie Jessamy helped Yaya take care of my sisters stall. We had uncle Ben and Kierah on the craft table all day and all the committee members hubbies were steadfast in hanging around to help set up and make sure the day ran smoothly.

I was humbled to see that many of our members rocked up super early to help us set up tables, and stayed back to pack up at the end of the day. It makes it such a joy to volunteer our time when we know that our members are behind us all the way. Thank you.

You know my day would not have been complete without a spot of shopping too, so without further a do let me show you some of the gorgeousness I scored on the day.

Some fabulous screen printed singlets for Finn from 'Whittaker rose baby'

A snazzy new purse from 'Whittaker rose designs'

An awesome s'octopus from 'chuckles'

more accessories from my favourite brooch maker 'Curlypops'.

A journal or two, from the amazing selection on offer at 'found n' bound'

Some button accessories for Kierah.

and more birdies to surround myself with.
Paper cranes by 'Tirese Ballard' and brooches by 'made by Sarah'.

There was more.....but I best stop there before Mr.Finki starts counting the $$$$ spent....
Sadly two other things didn't get ticked off my shopping list:

Melbourne Epicure 'Sold out' so I missed out on my gingerbread fix.....

and time got away from me, so I missed out on getting a massage.....boy I needed it.

Next time!
I'll make sure I get in early next time.

Keep your calenders free on Nov 28th for the next 'Northside Makers Market'. It's gunna be huge!


  1. fabulous job Ms Jay! it was a spectacular event. had absolutely NO idea how big it was going to be so wasn't counting on my lot staying with me throughout the day..but boy was I glad they did. LOVE your new treats ♥

  2. Oh Jay, So happy for you guys !! You are all so capable, I dont know why you ever thought you needed us ! You didn't! You need to come up here and give us some tips now!
    I couldn't be happier for you !

  3. Oh yeah Jay... I have been waiting for your post about the market... I am so glad that your day was fabulous and of course we all forget things and have to do a dash back home but that's what makes it all exciting. Congrats and I am sure it will blossom to be something spectacular from here.


    P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway.

  4. Hi Jay
    This looks amazing and I wish I was there to see it all unfold...It looks like an amazing market and I am so happy that it was a good day for all.

  5. Oh wow you scored some fabulous loot! I was very very good this time (saving for christmas).
    Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job!
    PS - your bill book saved me over $15 lastnight. I was overcharged at the supermarket and only realised because I had to look at the docket to write it in my book - normally I would have just thrown it out. I went back thismorning and got a refund

  6. Congrats Jay, you and the other organisers did an amazing job! I am sorry I missed it, but I heard that it was fabulous!! I have submitted my application, fingers crossed, but if I dont get in I will definitely come and visit... and could help out too if you needed me?! I might have to move to the North Side just to be a member... :o)

    ~ Samone

  7. Great Market! I'm wearing one of your birdy hair clips right now. No yummy cupcakes left when i got there(Boo Hoo),but the beautiful sunny day made up for it.


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