Thursday, December 3, 2009

Had to change that little number....

What a big week...what a big month...hell...what a big year!

Today I had to change that little number in my bio..... the one that said 33 years young!
Cause on Saturday I turned 34.

My beautiful cake, a present from the lovely Cathie at M.E

All growed up now! Nah, not really. It's just a number and I hope I present as young at heart, even though my body may disagree.
34 is a lovely age to be. I much prefer it to any other number I've turned. I feel so much more 'Me'. Is that silly.

I've always been me of course, but still growing and learning in this big old world.
These days I know what I like, I know what I'll tolerate, I know who I call my friends and I know where I'm headed.

All my beautiful birthday presents.

That's all so much to have learned in 34 years. Many do it quicker than that, but for me that's such a biggie.

In one short year, I started Finki, I started a shop on Etsy, I started blogging and doing markets, which led to me meeting sooo many new friends and especially meeting Jennie and Margaret the two powerhouses that helped me begin Northside Makers.

My recent stall at Northside Makers market.

From there, we turned our craft club into our own market venture, from which came the opportunity to meet the lovely Anna of Polly Pratt.
Anna introduced me to Olive Grove, the amazing artist studio/retail co-op i joined in November.

Through blogging I also met Miriam aka: Bubba chenille, the talented mother of the Lovely Liesa at Handmade heaven, whom offered the opportunity of stocking my 'finki' stuff in her beautiful shop. So now my goodies are in retail land in both Melbourne and Queensland.......and not by being wholesaled to retailers who double your price to on sell, but by shops who support handmade by offering cheap rent, so I can set my own prices and keep my own profit.

It has been an AMAZING year....

Personally and professionally.............. and I can only see it getting better.

I call this the year of saying Yes. Saying yes to every positive opportunity that came my way.
Previously I would have drowned in a sea of 'what if's' when presented with opportunity's but this year I squashed that little nagging voice of concern and doubt and just followed my heart.

I'm so happy that through all the twists and turns life has thrown me this year, I have come out of it, inspired and motivated to do so much more.

I say it all the time.......but really, the days are too short.

Thank you, to all my bloggy readers, mum, yaya and sis included, from the bottom of my heart for your friendship. It has made such a difference to my little world and I am so appreciative of all your support and encouragement.

I know I have been absent of late, the silly season is in full swing in my little end of the world, but I'm still reading and keeping up with you all.
As soon as it settles in 'Finki land' I have much to update you, shopping, new products and life.....

Till then, take care. And start saying Yes to everything good! Might take you somewhere you least expect!


  1. To dear Jay...Happy birthday darling, so sorry I missed it.
    I hope you had a super day...What an amazing post...some of your achievements with many more that certainly are not listed. I am so glad that I have met you and we have become friends...we are similar in so many ways it is super scary...

  2. Oh how lovely. What a fantastically busy year you've had. You deserve all the success in the world.
    I hope the next year is even better!

  3. wow! what an inspiring post.. Happy birthday!
    mim x

  4. Ah, but it's next year when you change the number that it really gets bigger - you get to go up to a whole other age bracket! Happy birthday and congrats on the year!

  5. Aww Jay...

    I was thinking yesterday after our email love-in that the kind of year you, Margaret and I have had in terms of achieving goals and finding happiness in making is what I want Northside Makers to share with others. You've been a huge part of my joy this year, so thankyou for being on the journey with me!

    x x x

  6. Hi Jay, Its been a while since posting. This morning sickness has struck me terribly & business has been put on hold.But I am on a comeback, it's subsiding. Congrats on all of your successes, good things comes to good people. I also turn 34 on Tuesday the 8th, I agree its a much nicer number than 33. Maybe cause it's odd, what there my thoughts. Hope to say hi soon on the market circuit again soon.

  7. Happy Birthday to you my friend. I love this post, your optimism and fearlessness. Go you, can't wait to see what you're saying at 35!

  8. you have had an amazing year & the smile on your face prooves it!
    I'm glad this bloggy/market adventure has led you to so much more and I am also glad to have got to know you & love your beautiful wit & kind nature.
    all the very best for the year ahead
    hugs & see you in thornbury

  9. Happy Birthday and Congratulations. How lovely for you to need both said to you as another year rolls by. It has certainly been a busy and successful one for you Jay.

  10. Happy Birthday Jay! (I am three days older than you ;o) )

  11. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on having such a wonderful and successful year in 2009. Wishing you ongoing success and expanding horizons for the year to come.


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