Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My year in craft.....

Nearly the end of the year, and definitely time for a little crafty break, so what better to do than Join in with Northside Makers 'my year in craft' meme:

1. In my twelve months of crafting, my crafty self made all these...

Hundreds of glass pendants and rings. hundreds of note pads and journals, many bowls, baskets, pen holders and pin cushions, stools, earrings, bracelets, art pendants, bill books and so much more......

2. If my year was a colour it would be...

Every color in the bright and beautiful.

3. This year I spent way too many craft hours...

Dropping little itty bitty jewellery findings onto the abyss called my floor...I'd here the bounce as they hit.....but then they would just vanish! Grrrrr!

4. This year I wish I'd had more craft hours for...

Me!.......does that sound silly and purely selfish? Probably. I just spent soooo much time making stuff for everyone else, that I never had time to make fun stuff for me or the kids.

5. My proudest craft moment of the year was...

So many proud crafty moments this year.

Running our first Northside Makers market,

joining the team at Olive Grove,

Quitting my day job to devote my life to craft.....that was a biggy!

6. My biggest craft disaster was...

Crooked booties....not once, but twice did I attempt baby booties and failed miserably. Lucky they were to young to care! (The crooked one is hidden behind the good one)

7. This year I had stalls at/visited this many markets...

OOOh, big year. Had 22 market stalls and visited atleast 30.

8. My most enjoyable market was...

Our first Northside Makers market.
Perfect weather, eager customers and happy children.

9. My best handmade purchase/present/swap/acquisition was...

I'm always so excited when another seller likes my stuff and do swapsies at every market I go to.
It's the best part of doing markets I wreckon.

One of my best handmade purchases would have to be my newly aquired betty jo brooch. I have been admiring them for ages and only just bought my first one at the recent made in Thornbury market.

My best handmade present would have to be these GORGEOUS journals my sister made for my birthday.

and my best swap would have to be with the talented Roze, our screenprint teacher at 'Olive Grove'. She's printed me some so....... so cool t-shirts as a gift for my secret Kris Kringle family member. I can't tell you who and I can't show you yet.....but they are FABULOUS and I'm so happy that I could buy handmade even for the blokes this X-mas.

10. After this year I swear I'll never again...

Stay up till 3 in the morning making stock for a market the next day......!

11. Next year I'm determined to...

Find time to make new stuff....not just re-stocking, but whole new product lines....So excited that now I've quit my day job, this might actually happen!

12. But I'll probably do this instead...
Complain about the weather, sleep to little, and create till my brain melts.

Thanks for reading and now it's your turn to tell me all about your crafty year too!


  1. We all hope your big move into making craft your career is fulfilling and profitable! Can't believe how much you got done WHILE still working another job!

  2. I found doing this yearly wrap up a really great way to remember all the stuff we did! Your year has certainly been FULL and Colourful!
    But I think that's the way we crafty girls like it.
    Happy Holidays and all the best for 2010. See you in the Craft lane!

  3. hugs to you lovely lady!
    hope to catch up soon x

  4. Have a fabulously wonderful festive season. Look forward to seeing you next year, and watching your crafty life grow and grow.

  5. You poor sod, 3am in the morning!!!!


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