Thursday, December 10, 2009

Won't be there......

Just in case you're heading to the Kris Kringle night market tonight in hopes of seeing the lovely Margaret from Konstant Kaos and I, please be informed that we won't be there...

The forecast for late thunderstorms, 40 knot winds and a long list of unfortunate car...hubby working late....etc...etc.... have forced us to decide that tonight we just can't make it.

Our apologies if you had planned on coming along, but rest assured...come rain hail or shine we will be there next Thursday.

Alternatively, if next Thursday is too far away, you can see us both at the Made in Thornbury market on sat.

Till then, take care..... Jay xx


  1. I think both of you deserve a rest anyway. Hope to see ya Saturday.

  2. Lucky you missed the huge downpour....and the freezing cold winds


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