Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Guess who came to dinner.............

Yay! The x-mas madness is over.
Well not really...have you been to the shops lately. It's INSANE.
We live minutes away from the Good guys, which is right near Macca's and when heading over yesterday for some banana bread and coffee for breakfast, we had to fight for a park.

Seems that everyone was waiting for Xmas to be over so they could buy new T.V's and fridges. Craziness....

But on a more pleasant note....Xmas wasn't mad at all. Just my usual panicked lead up to the event. Finishing the handmade stuff in time for posting whilst wrapping up a huge round of markets and keeping my new retail space stocked. I was a tad....o.k a lot stressed.
But I made it. Phew!

and best of all.......when we finally got to stop and sit for the day and enjoy good food and great company, guess who came to dinner!

The newest addition to the family,
Miss Elsie Velvet.
(Pictured here with her mum Jess, yaya and my kierah)

This little gem was born only 5 days before X-mas. Just in time.....

Congratulations to Ben and Jessamy, my sister in law and beau. They are doing a superb job of living and learning with there new bundle of joy. She sure has been born into one loving family who absolute adore her.


  1. congrats! beautiful name too.
    & all the stress is now over for another month or so before your markets begin.

    hugs to your gorgeous family for the new year ♥

  2. What a gorgeous photo, I hope that you and your family got a lovely picture as well.

  3. oh how cute!! they are all looking great!! congratulations jess and beau and welcome to the family elsie xo aunty manda


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