Monday, March 30, 2009

Another one bites the dust.................

Another market that is.

The made n' Thornbury market last weekend was my third outing in the market scene and
as I'd hoped, the Thorbury market was a winner.

All the more so, thanks to the lovely community of bloggers selling there wonderful crafts there also.

Beginning the day with hot coffee and homemade ginger bread cookies has got to be a great indication that things were off to a good start.

I was actually amazed at the constant flow of visitors, and pleasantly suprised to meet a few ladies who had read my blog and dropped by to say hello.
I'm generally a shy person and would never have met so many wonderful people if I hadn't started blogging. So I'm really gratefull to all the inspirational crafty bloggers out there for sharing a little of themselves, and inspiring me to do the same.

By the afternoon I was spreading stock out to fill all the empty gaps. The highlight of my day was an adorable lady who bought one of my gift cards and said she loved it so much that she was gunna frame it and put it in her lounge room. The artwork on it was a Finki original, so I was tickled pink that she chose it.

Before I knew it 3 o'clock arrived and it was time to pack up, so I did a quick dash to buy and trade, a few goodies. More about them.......with photo's in my next post.


  1. Hi there...I chatted with you at the market. You admired my necklace! Great to hear you had such a good day! Your stall looked fab! Here's the link to my madeit shop -

  2. It was such a fabulous day!
    I went to work today and one of the girls I work with was wearing one of your beautiful pendants that she bought on Saturday.

  3. Great that you had a successful day and enjoyed yourself too. I love checking out how others set up their stall - I have only done one market and will be doing another in a few weeks but need to be a bit more organised with displays. I love the ring display you have - where did you get that?

  4. Congrats Jay! Your stall looks great...I want some of those fabric button bobby pins! In green I think...going to browse your stuff :)

  5. Congratulations on your successful day! You display looks lovely, I'm not surprised you did well.

  6. It was a great day, your stall looked amazing! wish I'd had more time to browse.
    see you at the next market.

  7. Thanks so much guys,
    I look forward to the next one.

    Foxy (owl) I sold out of most of my bobbies. More on the way though and heaps of vintage fabric to decorate them with. (:

    Delicious, for my glass rings i used an old wine rack, and for my fabric ones an old ice tray upside down.

    some of the best displays come right out of the kitchen cupboard, (:
    cheers, Jay.


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