Friday, April 3, 2009

Ciao...........but not for long.

My holidays have officially begun, alas there is not time to veg, just yet.

Tomorrow is the much anticipated wedding of hubby's sister.
Kierah will be the flower girl, she's stoked.
The day after the wedding we are of to sunny queensland for two weeks of fun, friends and family.
I'll be hanging out with my mum and little sis, and recouping after a very hectic start to the year.
All my Finki shops will be set to vacation mode on Sunday for 2 weeks, but I look forward to coming back totally refreshed and buzzing with lots of new ideas, and plenty of photo updates of the wedding and easter with my peeps.

Till then......go easy on them eggs!


  1. Have a great break Jay. Happy Easter, Happy Holidays.

  2. Great blog, I have only just discovered it. Looking forward to see more creations. Happy Easter.

  3. have a great holiday!

    don't forget to set your dust profile to vacation mode too :)

    where in Qld are you going?

  4. Thanks guys, and glad you reminded me Melanie, I would have forgotten to switch off dust.
    I'll be in manly(sis), and maryvale(mum).
    catch yah soon, Jay.


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