Sunday, April 19, 2009

look what i brought for show and tell today...

All the goodies i bought at the made in Thornbury market.
A belated post as we dashed off on holidays right after the market. But i didn't want you to miss out on seeing some of the fab purchases i made.

Firstly, an awesome selection of work by the talented cam from Curly pops.
I had been eyeing off the heart brooch with crazy stitching for some time, hoping it would wait for me to make some moula at my stall before heading on over to claim it.

Lucky for me, cam found things of mine she liked too so we traded, and I scored this huge flower of felt, vinyl and button, and the best bookmark in a bear in the woods print. Everything is so well made. You know I look over everything I buy with a fine tooth comb. Being of the crafty type, tis' my duty.........
and I tells yah, miss cam meets and exceeds all crafty expectations. Next time, I might have to invest in a funky tea towel apron too.

Next I got, well not really I, my little helper Kierah, found a huge covered button bookmark, from buttons by loulou, I'm a fan of Lou's work and have quite a few rings and ponytail holders from the range, so I had no qualms handing over the money there. Little girl Happy.

Of course there was the scrummy, cupcakes and gingerbread men consumed, which didn't last long enough to be photographed.......... the memories are all good though.

I also picked up some more hairpins. Can never have enough. Some ornate rings that I'll probably use as a backing for some vintage inspired rings, and the cutest hand felted owl in shades of yellow and green.

I did have to stop myself there, before I crossed the line of buying more than I sell.
But I look forward to the next one as I had my eyes on some of Cathy's tinnie's, one of felicity's fabric birds, and possibly a vintage inspired shower cap I saw.

So if your in the neighborhood, pop in to the next Made in Thornbury market on May 2nd, and support handmade.


  1. Hi there! have just discovered your blog and i LOVE it! Very inspiring and beautiful work. Hope u dont mind me asking a question...i was wondering if you could point me in a direction for a supplier of the glass you use in your pendants? I make little polymer clay designs and would love to get some smallish oblong shaped glass pieces to use with some cuff blanks i have to give them a more polished look.Understand if you would rather not say but i thought there is no harm asking! I have looked everywhere and have had no luck so far here in Qld. Thanks for the great read! Cheers Amanda Sorry to sign off as anon. but pc wouldnt accept anything else! lol!

  2. Hey Amanda,
    thanks for your lovely comments, I get most of my supplies on Etsy. The glass is from a seller called the Thecraftydragonfly, just enter that name in the search bar, (select seller name first) I'm not sure if she does small oblongs, but have a look anyway. unfortunately I haven't found an AUS supplier as yet. All in the US. If you come across any, please share. (:
    Cheers, Jay.

  3. Jay thank you so much for sharing. And i most definitely will let you know if i come across an aussie supplier...seems there is a gap in the market here for glass pieces like that. Have been lurking on etsy for a few months now (Damn i love that site! and one day hope to have a little shop squeezed on it somewhere..tho probably not till my four rugrats are grown. Better late than never though! Enjoy the rest of your week and many thanks again! :) Amanda

  4. I somehow missed this post until now! My silly google reader thingy must have been having a coniption! See you on Saturday


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