Monday, May 4, 2009

Loot, glorius loot......where to begin?

Well, I have so much catching up to do with y'all after my 2 week hiatus from blog land, that I thought tinniegirls idea of 7 days of loot, glorious loot would be a perfect way of covering all my shopping adventures of late.

But.............where oh where to begin.

I've had two stalls at fabulous local markets where I picked up heaps of glorious handmade goodies. Then there's my usual op shopping adventures, and weekend trash n' treasures.
I think I'll back track to my day at the sisters market on the 20th.
My main aim for the day, aside from hoping to make a few quid, was to buy some birthday presents for my sister in law.

She's effortlessly trendy, and loves all things vintage. So I couldn't go past these goodies.
A library bag featuring a funky Vogue pattern cover of a 50's diva in plaid. The chunky glasses she's wearing sold me on this one. The seller (so sorry I forget to get a business card, so I can't tell you her name) also had the best selection of gift cards with old romance novel art work on them.A little birdie brooch, and some handmade soap smelling ever so sweetly of cinnamon and pudding, was just right to fill the parcel for gift giving. Of course I nabbed a lemon Myrtle soap for me too. Such an invigorating scent. It gets me every time.

I picked up much more at The Sisters Market, but you'll have to pop back tomorrow for day two's report on Loot, glorious loot.


  1. I'm guessing the stall holder your talking about is Stitch-in-Time. I have her e-mail, I'm on her e-news list. I cannot find any other reference to her on the net.

  2. great pressies! Lucky sister in law :)

  3. Thanks Beky, I was hoping someone knew her business name. I have such a terrible memory. I bumped into her at The convent market on the weekend, and she said she would be at the next sisters market in Brunswick, so people can find her goodies there.


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