Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 6 of loot.

For day 6's post of 7 days of Loot, glorious loot, I'm taking you into the bedroom.

Who ever thought I'd get sooo personal when I started blogging!

Don't worry.

It's nothing from the X rated stores, just more of my fabulous goodies that have ranked so high on the I-love-it-so-much-o- meter that they have been taken into the bedroom.
The retreat, the palace, the boudoir.
If I was in 'The Castle' I'd be saying, these ones........go straight to the pool room.

Firstly is my new owl. His body is a funky retro swirl and stripe, his eyes a brocade in sage, wit purple buttons peeping out. A glorious mishmash of fabrics, in all my favourite colors.
Originally I had seen a birdie at miss flickettysplits market stall in Thornbury, that I loved. He almost came home with me, but the day got away from me and before you knew it, it was time to pack up. I vowed to head over earlier at the next one so I didn't miss out.
To my delight this little owl was there drenched in me'ness hooting out to be taken home. T'was love at first sight and it was definitely straight to the pool room for this one.

Hubby asked on the way home, if it was for our son Finn. Not this one baby. He's mine.
Alas....who do you think gets his little mitts on it whenever he can.

Next is this fabulous, just fabulous bowl that I picked up at the trash n' treasure in Coburg.
The color is amazing, the shape and texture is just Divine. It also lives in the bedroom, pride of place on the dresser.

It's slowly being filled with all my favourite jewels. The seller said she had hundreds of pieces of this glassware at home (drool) and had decided to part with some of it............I'm so glad.

I've been back a few times hoping she'd have some more, but no luck. I can't complain. I got one at least.

Tomorrow's loot will be taking us into the kitchen.
To check out more looters visit tinniegirl.


  1. Aw, I love that owl! Flickettysplits is just a tad talented :-) And you're just a tad lucky to own such gorgeous things!

  2. There was someone selling little owls like that at our Mothers Day market as well as lots of other cute characters. They are just so adorable. I love that bowl , what a wonderful find.

  3. Oo, look at Hoot, here on your blog! I'm so glad he's found a good home to go to!


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