Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day two of loot....

More loot,glorious loot to show and tell.

Today's stash is more of my finds at the fabulous Sisters Market in Brunswick. I'm a sucker for anything bright and a little bit different, so when I spotted these fabulous bangles I was straight on over to squeeze my fat wrist in and pray they fit.

I love, love, love bangles, but have a big wrists, which are in perfect proportion to my big everything else, sooo they never fit. I'm sure the poor stall holders see me comin' and think, don't even try girlfriend. But I do, every time! Never give up hope.
I think that surely there are sellers and makers out there just like me, who model they're products on themselves, and if they have big wrists I'm in luck.

Well this time I was in luck. They are papier mache bangles, in fun vibrant shades to liven up all the winter outfits coming out of the wardrobe of late.

Next is this fab brooch by 'kids with crayons', in spotty pinks and reds with an illustration done by one of the sellers kids on it. I have used some of kierah' s pics in my journals, gift cards and jewellery, and just love the way kids pics have such innocence and playfulness about them.

Lastly some more ponytail elastics for Kierah by 'miss piggy tales'. I couldn't go past these echidna's on such a bright blue, and retro looking apples.

Back tomorrow for day 3 of loot with some lovely work by a local photographer.
...............and day 4, I finally get to show you my stash from Thornbury Market on the weekend.


  1. Hi Jay - I hear what you say about the Bangle sizes. I am working on getting a bigger mold done so my big chunky bangles may soon be in your size. I would be interested to know what size you are so would love it if you could convo me -

  2. How cute is that little brooch!

  3. Love those bangles - I have problems getting them to fit, too - I have wide hands so it's awful trying to get them over.

  4. Oh I have the same problem with bangles. The curse of the big wrists. I'm so glad I'm not alone.

    Great loot in this and the last post.

  5. yey, very exciting delicious designs, I just sent you my measurements. keep me posted.

  6. That bumpy mustard bangle is just lovely!

  7. I know what you mean! luckily they fit, they are soo cute.

  8. Lovely finds! I hear you with the big wrists and everything else : (

  9. Flick (: the bumpy bangle is my fave, and was only $10. hope your saw froat is betta soon.

  10. Likin those bangles...they're so different...and being papier mache should be nice and light...


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