Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 5 and still going strong!

Ti's day 5 of Loot, glorious loot, and there's still more goodies to show and tell.
Today it's back to accessories. Where would I be without them.

I finally bowed to my inner urge of needing one of those necklaces with chunky vintage beads. What draws me to them aside from the vintage appeal and bold block colors, is the unevenness of it all. The red flower sorta sits off centre. Very cute.

When I design, everything is mirrored left to right. If I did try to break the mold of matching pairs, I would fear strangers approaching me and saying, you put odd earrings on today darl. But I do love the look.

Haven't ventured out into the miss matched earrings as yet, but when I do I'm lovin' these.

Next is another curlypops original, shades of silver/grey and purple, with a scrumptiously textured button finishing it off perfectly. I see she has some more crazy stitching in the progress in shades of red. Hopefully it becomes another fab brooch for me to choose. Can't get enough of them.

Now a market is not complete without another addition from buttons by loulou. This time her Little babushkas on denim captured my heart.

Finally some shoes for Finn. I love purple on little boy's and this design with a black bat by Konstant Kaos is just the bee's knees. I would have taken a picture with them on, but they are already in the wash after 5 days straight of new shoe love and baby boy adventures. That's probably the best part, that you can wash them, and dadaa! Like new again.

Back tomorrow for part 6 of loot, where I'll be taking you into the bedroom. Oooooh.


  1. Thanks Jay, so sweet. I was trying to write you a message yesterday when you posted your scissors case..Gorgeous...but computer went silly. Just wanted to know how much they are please and if you have any in stock. Cheers x

  2. Yah! You had a lovely shopping spree at the market.

  3. Yummy loot! This bedroom sounds exciting :-)

  4. I love that necklace at the top. It's stunning. I really like the idea of mismatched earrings too.

  5. You really have taken away some great things from the market. And there is sure know how to shop..

  6. Like the name bonny babushkas - I might have to keep that. The teapot and cup earrings are so cute. I am a bit the same as you though. I love the little red riding hood and the wolf earrings I make but I still haven't been able to bring myself to wear them because they don't match (they complement but are not identical)!!


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