Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 3, of 7 days of Loot, glorious loot.

For today's offering of Loot, glorious loot organised by tinniegirl, I decided to step away from my love of accessories, just for a day, to show you some of the photographic art that I've found.

I often see photographers at the markets I do, and to be honest they don't draw much of a crowd. Maybe people are still in the frame of mind that photographers just do cheesy family portraits, and happy newlyweds. But really that little black box, in the right hands can capture the most amazing visual images. You know, even when the work of a certain photographer does appeal, and gets you to linger at the stall a bit longer, most of the displays I've seen present prints in a plastic slips, leaving you the work of finding a frame and possibly a matt to finish it off before it can be hung and admired at home. Too much hard work!

So when I came across the work of Angela McConnell, mounted on various sized blocks, ready to stand on a shelf or hang, I was sold. The guess work of presentation was taken out, so that all I had to do was pick the ones that spoke to me.
You know I'm always drawn to pattern, color and texture. I found myself wanting more than one, so I could create a little collage. Firstly I chose a black image with a raised impression of a silver dragonfly, then a black print of the underside of an umbrella showing the structural and elegant framework and lastly some color to break it up. A fabulous bright red oriental umbrella with a little embroidered green leaf on it.
I was so wrapped with my little collection, and even more excited that I could go home and hang it straight away.
Slowly my walls are filling with original artwork, and I find it fascinating that two people can look at the same piece and see something so different. For me what might represent freedom, and choice, could represent to you, confusion and loneliness. Art really is in the eye of the beholder.
This image at first appealed to me because of it's wonderful bluey green hues. Then the shape, form and repetition drew me in. The coldness and purity of the metal reflecting light here and there arouses a wonder of what sound it would make if the wind blew. Then I read that it was taken at a Memorial for fallen soldiers along the freedom trail in Boston and my heart fills with sadness.

That's what art is for me, images that stir emotion. Happiness, sadness, or wonderment. Whether your medium is a paintbrush, clay, paper, fabric or a camera, bringing something out of your heart and sharing it with the world is priceless.


  1. Those Angela McConnell pieces are amazing. Right up my alley!

  2. well said Jay, it really is all about stirring emotions from within, whether it's obvious what it's trying to tell you or something that you later find out about. beautiful choices for your collection x

  3. That image of the dog tags has always drawn me in, too. It truly takes my breath away every time I see it.

  4. You've said it so well. I am fascinated by the fact that art is such an individual thing. I love the pieces that you have chosen.

  5. beautiful picks! I adore those art blocks!

  6. I love the power of photographs to evoke such emotion and different feelings in people.

  7. Hi Jay. Thanks for this post - you've really made me think a little more deeply than my usual of "what fabric will I use?" The last photo is particularly beautiful, and once explained, meaningful on so many levels.


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