Thursday, March 19, 2009

One day I'll fly away.....

I wish I could sometimes. Just fly away. My favourite print from Danitashop.
But the reality of knowing all my problems would be there to greet me when I return maybe puts a dampener on the illusion of really being able to escape for a little while.
I'm such a predictable character really, I go full speed ahead into every endeavor, burn out, reassess life, and start all over again. One day soon, I'm sure maturity and wisdom will
kick in, and I'll learn patience, forward planning and serenity.
Till that day, I won't fly way.....I'll stick with it, head high and carry on.
The beginning of this new phase is marked with the generous donation by Mr.Rudd. Thank you Mr. Prime Minister for the big boost in earnings last week.

Most definitely solved a few dilemmas that were on the forefront of my mind, distracting me from the finer things in life, like enjoying my family and letting the creative juices flow.
There has been an absolute cease fire on the creative front for a month now. Not that I didn't have ideas. Truly my head gets so muddled with how many things I want to be doing that I get all flustered, sit.....and do nothing. Such a bad state to be in.
So with finances a bit more settled, I've had the head space to start planning again. First I write lists................................for everything!
Exercise, meal planning, family time, creative time, socializing, and least favorite, but too important to ignore admin for my little business. Paperwork I tells yah, it kills me.
Without this little bit of structure, it all goes to the shitter. (pardon the french)
It's too easy to let crafting take over, then before you know it kids are all grown up. So I've planned my days to try and fit it all in. I'm sure it won't be 100% laid out to plan everyday, sometimes things do take precedence, whilst others get pushed aside. But for know I need to get back on track and this is what works for me.

Long story short, you can look forward to seeing new listings, new posts, and happy jay.


  1. At least Kruddys bonus helped out then!

  2. I write lists for everything too. I think it helps to make sense of what is in your head. I don't leave the house without a pen and a notebook.


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