Thursday, February 26, 2009

I like em' chunky.........

My pendants, that is.
The bigger, bulkier, bolder, and brighter........... the better. I once read a quote by fantastic mixed media jewellery designer, Ramona Solberg, where she stated, 'I'm a big girl, don't insult me by expecting me to wear something dainty."
I couldn't agree more.
I am, and always have been, a big girl. Those little itty bitty, gold diamond things would just get lost on me. Which is why, when I make pendants, they tend to be chunky.

When I first received the glass for my new pendants, I almost thought they were just too grand. But I made up a prototype, as I do with everything,to make sure glues hold, trims stay on, and most importantly that they pass the Finn test.
If I can go a day, of my nearly one year old son Finn, tugging, chewing and sucking on it, well.....then I know that they're made to last.
The amount of compliments on day one of testing, was all I needed to soldier on and produce a new range of chunky glass pendants.
I have only listed a few so far, but you can expect to see plenty more soon.


  1. Oh I love the red one! They're beautiful Jay. Chunky is good! I'm fairly small, or so I'm told, but I find the same thing when wearing dainty pieces...must be my attitude that's big :)

  2. Those are fabulous! Gorgeous colors, too!

  3. They look great! I have always loved "chunky" when it comes to jewellery although for my latest purchase I have gone "delicate" for the fist time.

  4. I like them...they make a statement without being too out there and overwhelming an outfit...and knowing you they'll all be well made and presented...

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. I hope you are bringing some of those to market so we can check them out there.


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