Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wonderful ways, with polymer clay......

I love, love, love it when I see crafty delights that have managed to incorporate texture into a piece. I'm just such a sucker for it.

A pattern, print or texture will draw me in every time. I love to ponder the depth and the possibilities for how such a texture came to be......possibly the impression of an old spoon, the ripple of a glass vase, or the grain of some wood. When you look around, we are surrounded by so much texture, in nature and man made.
No doubt, it's why babies mouth everything, to feel the cold, hard, smooth marble, or the warm, fluffy cats tail! (Finn's favourite)

The perfect medium for capturing textural impressions of course is clay. Once you've done that forming it into an object of desire is where the creative journey begins.

Jibby and juna, have done just that, and definitely caught my eye with their fantastic clay creations, rich in texture, abundant in color and oozing creative genius.

I discovered jibby and juna's shop on Etsy whilst browsing the gift guides. The glass pendant I clicked on, took me away to thier wonderful display of rings, earrings and pendants. so cleverly created, with a wonderful combination of polymer clay, silver, glass and some original watercolors.

I nabbed this poppy ring quick smart, cause I just adore the combination of red and grey. I was so eager to receive my parcel and have to tell you it looks even better on my finger, than it does in the pic.
The work by Jibby and juna is a big step away from the days of old where clay was coiled into pots, or balled up into beads. There modern take on an age old medium, is definitely Worth checking out, and at such affordable prices you might find a piece or two that needs a new home.

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  1. They are gorgeous. I'm off to check out their shop now.


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