Thursday, February 26, 2009

A button or two from buttonsbyloulou........

How insanely cute, are my new button rings.

I finally got some of buttonsbyloulou's fab little creations all of my own.
Luckily enough friends and family were given bobbies, bookmarks and hair ties that I bought from this fabulous Aussie seller at xmas, and I tell was sooooo hard to give them away and not keep them all for myself.
So when I saw Louise had updated her blog with a picture of all her new rings, I knew I had to have some. My hair's not really long enough for ponytails, and it's too thin to do any justice to bobbies, so rings were perfect.
I'm a cat lover and have such a bird thing too. I don't have birds, but love the sense of freedom, fun and frivolity they portray. So the cat and bird designs available were a first choice.But then I saw this quirky little house print, and low and behold it has already become my favourite ring to wear.

From babushkas, and spots, to robots and trucks, you'll absolutely love the world of button accessories on offer at buttonsbyloulou and at such affordable prices you'll always be tempted to go back for more.


  1. Hi Jay,

    Glad you like your little buttons. Thanks for blogging about them. Hope you enjoying wearing them - and giving away some I presume.

    Thanks again,


  2. Gorgeous rings! Lou's work is just so super cute... i've got some magnets and bookmarks of hers put aside for presents (and maybe some for me too!).

  3. Hmn. I'm about to take a good hard look at myself because I have been growing a spare present box with blogger crafty goodness. When I take a look inside there is zilch that I am happy to give away!


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