Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A book for a buck............

Well, my shopping exploits this week, mostly entertained the notion of filling up the bookshelves. When it comes to books I'm a bit of a 'how to' person. Always buying books on how to build, create or make something. A lot of those sorts of books, are keepers. Ones you put on the shelf for a rainy day, jam packed with projects, and inspiration.
My first venture was to the new salvo's that opened up in Settlement rd, Thomastown. Who could pass up a book for only a buck or two. I got these fab books.
Quilts 2000, which is jam packed with over 630 quilts that were donated to raise funds for the 2000 paralympic games. I don't quilt.......yet. It's one of those things that does interest me though. Not so much your typical log cabin designs, but more the abstract, art quilts. I did get another quilting book called Art Quilt, which has some really out there pieces like this:
A lot of ideas that I'd like to incorporate into some art badges.
The last book is Art by Albrecht Durer, a fantastic collection of black and white line drawings and etchings. The op shop also delivered two new Australiana tea towels, adding to my Little collection of 20 odd, that will become handbags......soon.....I promise. and a wooden tray, to pop rings on for my market stalls, Yey.
Next stop on the Journey was the book grocer. Now, all hail YaYa (my mother in law) for uncovering this little gem. It's a fabbo book store at 263 high st Northcote, with books galore and a little cafe, to sit and read. Prices are capped at $6 for soft covers, and $10 for hardbacks. Half the proceeds on Saturday were going to the bushfire appeal, which was what lead us there on this fine day.
I nabbed.........some more 'how to' books, yes boring I know. But they have a huge selection of fiction too, for all lovers of a good read. My titles included, succeed in portrait photography, the non designers design book, small is the new big (remarkable business ideas) and the rough guide to blogging. I would have bought any one of these books at you typical retailer for $24.95 but I got them all for that price, so I was wrapt.

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