Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The 6th in the 6th.............

Ive been tagged by two bloggers, rubyjo and shannon (rabbit & the duck). Shannon had a fabulous set up at the sisters market on the weekend. She was so confident, and well organised, can't believe it was her first time, well done.

The tag is to take part in the 6 by 6 game.
Choose the 6th image out of your 6th picture folder and blog it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same. So here goes.................

This is the 6th pic, in the 6th folder. My daughter Kierah. The 'Ki' in Finki. I think she was five in this photo. She's turning nine in a few weeks. How time flies.
From memory....we were playing dress ups. Getting ready for a lounge room theatrical presentation. Kierah is not one to care about hair styling, clips and pretty dresses. So that's how I remember that the outfit was dress ups, and not every day garb. The expression is saying. "If I have to have hairspray....I'll do it myself."
So independent so quickly. She still does plays for us, and even more so for the new audience she has in her 11 month old brother. I hope she doesn't grow out of it either. I love it that she's a little bit different, and just doesn't care. It's hard to maintain individuality in this big old world, or too find it even.

I tag, Lou, Melanie, Gillian, Erika, Leanne, and Carley to play too.


  1. ..lovely memories...no she won't grow out of it...sounds just like my girl...maybe a little bit from the genes!

  2. Jay...those are such special times aren't they!

    Thanks for the tag.
    I have just blogged with my 6th of the 6th!

  3. I didn't realise Shannon had tagged you already. I guess it was because she used your real name. That's a really cute photo of Kierah.

  4. No probs, ruby-jo.
    Know you know my real name...(:

  5. What an adorable picture! Too cute!

    (found you via Rainbow Revolution's blog)

  6. Kierah looks mental! And I can say that, because I'm her Ya Ya, and I love her to bits. Especially when she looks mental.

  7. Funny photo and great comment from ya ya!

  8. awwww....what a fabby photo :)
    made me smile!

    thanks for the fun tag Jay, I'll have to have a lookie in my folders next time I blog :)


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