Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's a wrap....

A wrap around obi belt that is......

Some more Japanese inspired craft for this months design challenge, this time from the lovely Isis over at Isis Made.

She has taken this gorgeous fabric found in her stash and whipped up a smashing little obi...

Just adore the fabric.

If you've been inspired to make something for this months theme, but feel you won't have it done by end of Jan...fear one will fail by not meeting the deadline....carry on crafting and send me your pics when done.

Feb will just mark the beginning of the new theme...not the ending of the old one.
Jay xx


  1. Great idea, don't give up on me, i think i'll join in too. Loving what is popping up. Does it count my eldest daughter is staying at a Japanese family's house at the moment?? Love Posie

  2. RightyO, i've joined in, made my Japanese inspired handmade goodie & posted it on my blog. Enjoy, thanks Jay, love Posie


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