Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A creative cul-de-sac.

What better place to start, then at the beginning.
The place where ideas are born, products evolve and for once in my life.......things get finished.
My work space:

What started as merely a hobby, has slowly taken over.

Taken over, the lounge, the dining room and every spare corner. That was until finally I decided that this year I needed, no I deserved a room to call my own.

I've managed to have it mostly confined to one space. Sorta........

There's my lonely old work bench in the shed waiting for me to save up for the micro torch, regulators and tanks $$$$$BIG BUCKS$$$$,well for my little income it is. Then there is a bookshelf in the dining room with all my reference books, and visual diaries, so it's almost all in one room.

Really though, I'm sure that like most crafty types I dabble in so many things. Painting, sewing, sketching, beading, knitting, crotchet, clay making, book binding and more.......So it's really impossible for all of that to be tucked away getting dusty. It needs to be out on display, as reminder of what you've accomplished and where your heading to next.

It's so liberating to make the commitment to having a special little place for being creative. It's like saying this is the real deal man. I don't JUST... knit, or paint or play with beads, this is serious stuff. This is my life.

The handmade journey, the road I travel, my creative cul-de-sac.

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