Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On the drawing board, this week.

It's all go around this place at present.

I started back at my day job 3 days a week, (I've been back from maternity leave since Sept,but only 2 days a week, so we could settle Finn into childcare) Hopefully that one extra day isn't the one that makes it all come undone. Fingers crossed. We are coping at present.

It's also school holidays, so both kids are home with me on my days off.

I'm only getting stuff done at nights. The only thing on the books is getting ready for the next sisters market on Feb 7th, so there's not too much pressure to perform really. Only the little voice in my head that thinks I should get my entire to do list done in 3 weeks.

Reality check....it's just not gunna happen. So I have to pace myself and write lists.
I'm the queen of lists. I need them to keep me sane.

On todays list:

  • Update blog. (I decided Tuesday will be my update blog day)
  • Post orders.
  • make lunch fun, play with kids.
  • Daily walk (today to the Post office.
  • Dinner, family time (maybe to the park if it cools down), kids to bed.
  • Then..........time to work.

On the drawing board today is:

My glass adventures.
Im doing rings, huge pendants, more middle sized ones, and litte double drop ones. It's a five step process of choosing and preparing the artwork or image, sealing the images onto the glass, clean and polish, edges adorned, then findings attached. It's impossible to do all in one day, as the drying and curing times of each process are quite long, so I tend to do them over a week or so.

I look forward to using more of my own artwork under the glass, it's just a matter of finding the precious time to sit, and create from scratch.
I have about 10 of my original artwork, used in the pendants at present. My aim is to have all of them using Finki art. Eventually.

On the drawing board next week:

  • Business card holders.


  1. Those rings look gorgeous. Lovely papers. Hope you have a really productive week!

  2. I'm with you on the list writing and the not too ambitious time frames ... something happened to my brain when I had Edie - think it just made room for a growing heart ... your stuff is beautiful - good luck to the sister's market!


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