Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Aint no cottontails here!

It's funny how we view our acquaintances and colleagues at face value, and maybe paint a picture in our mind of what they're home looks like, or even their kids.
As friendships evolve, and you become more a part of each others lives, you meet the family and lunch together on Sundays.
Did you ever get it right?
I mean the picture you painted in your head of switchboard sally's home life, was it what you thought it would be. I, for one, never get it right.
I'm always pleasantly surprised by how I attract like minded people, that are so multifaceted, so artistic and so down to earth.
For some reason, on face value, I think everyone else is, tidy.....styles there fabulous hair in seconds, has the most angelic children, and probably lounges on chesterfields whilst dining on cheese, wine and crackers, when really I couldn't be getting it more wrong.
A common misconception is ones taste in art.
Just last week around the lunch table we were discussing recent art purchases and with the description of cute little kids, I envisioned .......well cut little kids. Think hallmark.
Boy was I wrong. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I got to see what she had bought, and it was these Gothic little illustrations, of kids walking through a grey landscape similar to the set of nightmare before Xmas, by Dave Burke. Just gorgeous.

I proceeded to tell her about our rabbit art. No matter how I described it, I know she was thinkin little cottontail, fluffy bunnies. When I was really trying to portray the fabulous work of local Melbourne artist Carey Potter.

We originally discovered Carey's work over a year ago at Rose st market in Brunswick. Tucked away in a corner, were all these paintings using amazing texture and form. A myriad of backdrops for this obscure figure that vaguely looked like a bunny.
Carey proceeded to tell us about how this bunny figure came to be and evolved into this image that reoccurred through much of his work. This little figure is so haunting, and screamed out to be purchased and come home with me.
I'm always one to be over whelmed by art, and know I can't afford the real deal, so I wasn't even going to embarrass my self by asking prices, just so I could smile politely and walk away knowing I couldn't afford it.
So I just walked away.
I couldn't leave though. I got to the market exit, and sent Ty back to my dirty work.
Just ask him how much the little one was. Maybe we can come back next week and buy it.
$40. It' was only $40. I was back in that corner so fast, timidly I asked on a bigger one...$60.....I my gosh I can afford this. I grabbed two, and went home thinking about all the other ones i saw.
Two wasn't enough.
I thought maybe Carey was new at this art thing, and wanted to be affordable whilst getting himself out there, before selling for uber bucks in galleries, so we headed back the next week and got two more before that could happen.

I'm glad to say that Carey still sells at rose st every weekend, and is still affordable a year and a half later. It' his intention to make art that we can all afford. You'll love it all the more, cause you didn't have to hand over the first born just to have it.
Created by an established and talented artist, at prices I can afford. I'm so proud of my rabbit picks, and there definitely aint no cotton tails here.


  1. Yeah know what you mean about us imagining people and being completely wrong most of the time...always have that idealic vision of their lives...
    All the wrabbit pictures are wonderful...urs look great grouped together.

  2. They are great Jay, I can never think about bunnies now without conjuring up Donnie Darko in my head! And now I have 'Mad World' playing in my head...

  3. When I read your post's title ... I immediately thought of underwear! LOL ... my active brain painting visual pictures ... hmmm!

    I love the Rabbit pictures!


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