Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On the drawing board this week. Card holders.

This week I'm busy making my new card holders.

I don't know about you but I sure do have plenty of those little loyalty cards that were fattening up the old purse. It was literally popping at the seams.

See a need......fill it.

I made mine 4 weeks ago and have been testing the prototype thoroughly. It's holding up fantastically through the rough terrain I subject it to, and boy do I mean rough. I should be the president at shopaholics anonymous considering my shopping habits. Suffice to say that 4 weeks in my handbag could well be the type of use you might see in nann's bag for the whole year!

The inserts hold 30 cards or 60 back to back. Who needs that many right!.............you'd be surprised. Firstly there's all the crafty loyalty cards like lincraft & spotlight, then the library cards (video and books) then the lay by convenience cards, the favourite fashion stores, (TS14+ and big city chic for me) then of course we can forget, hairdresser, dentist, doctor and last but most definitely not least YOUR ETSY BUSINESS CARDS to hand out to all those eager buyers.

You can't believe how streamlined and organised my purse is now, with only cash, visa card, debit card, and id. (I say Id, cause I'm one of those people that don't drive, for you of course this space will fit your license)

I'm planning on robots and dinosaurs for the boys, (ahem....men).....and heaps of Amy butler prints, geisha's and babushka's for us ladies.

On the drawing board next week: A5 covers.

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