Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brilliant bargains........

Oooooh I love to shop.
I most definately buy more than I sell, which is why you'll never see me on the cover of smart business woman in Australia.
I would say that 90% of my purchases are handmade, recycled or second hand. So I'm always proud of my shopping adventure finds.

On the weekend we ventured down to the Greensborough market (which is now held in the car park at latrobe uni.) With the intention of getting some new plants for the front porch. This is our third attempt at having plants out the front.
For some reason we.....I.....just can't keep them alive. I tell myself it's because I buy the pretty flowering ones, seasonal fancies, that die after 8 weeks.
This time I got hardy, native, flowerless plants. All between $3 and $5ea, so cheap.

The plant sellers there, remind me of the greek couple on that t.v ad. The one where nonna is peeling potatoes in the sink and sees birds land on the fruit trees out back and calls guisseppe, guisseppe pull the string (I'm just guessing the dialogue cause really it's in another language) and pappa pulls the string, which connects to a clag, bang creation of tin buckets they've rigged up to keep the birds off the garden. So cute.
I'm thinkin' if non and pop grew them this far, maybe I can too.

Anyways....I picked up the funkiest wine rack at the market.

It was tucked away in the corner of a stall amongst other vintage goodies. Now, I don't really drink wine, but I loved the form of the wood and bought it with the intention of using it for a display at my next market stall.

After the market we headed off to the tip shop. Always goodies there.

Tip shop sounds horrid, let me refrase............. the recylce waste station.
It's where you drop off your hard rubbish, (what didn't sell at the garage sale) they sort through it first for saleable items, then squish the rest. Reduces landfill, makes them some money and is just like any trash and treasure market really.
I got a little cane shelf, (I'm gunna start color grouping all my buttons in little jars, and put them on this shelf in the window) a gorgeous old herb jar and some vibrant green and red ceramic cups that I'll use for props in my photo's on etsy. All for $5. SCORE...


  1. That's beautiful...I wonder if it's a one of a kind...it's too nice to use for wine storage anyway!


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