Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Check these out....at cottage in the sun.

Jeez I love ETSY. I am forever discovering new stores.
When I do come across one that's fresh and exciting and I see that they are quite well established and have been around for donkeys, I wonder how it could possibly be that I didn't find them sooner.
I'm such a fan of anything patterned, textured, and a little bit grungy. So finding these tin creations met all the criteria of something I just gotta buy.
The last house I lived in had a pantry that utilised the most sumptuous sculpted ceiling tin, as the pantry doors. I just loved the effect, and really wished we could take them with us, alas....it was a rental, so it wasn't ours to take.
So when I found cottage in the sun used the same tin, and worked it into something so pretty, I had to have it.

Cottage in the sun is the brainchild of Annette from San Antonio,Texas. She uses old ceiling tin as her medium to create banners, wall hangings and even garden ornaments.
I'm sure you all have received varying degrees of service from Etsy, or any online store really.
I can honestly say that shopping with Annette was one of the best experiences I had shopping online. Why?
The banners she created for me were a custom order. So with my obscure instructions of liking hearts, something textural, and quite a random selection of colors I liked, she was able to work her magic and come up exactly what I needed. There were many convo's and photo's back and forth to make sure we were both on the same path.
Shipping was quick, and packaging was safe and super cute.

There is nothing I value more than that little extra effort that goes into packaging. Especially when your ordering from O.S. Your so excited to be receiving these hand made gems, and arriving in one piece is paramount.


  1. Cute hearts.

    I have nominated you for a blog award come and have a look. Lou.

  2. I Love Cottage In The Sun - Annette is so talented! Thanks for sharing her work - she's just amazing!

  3. Love the testure of this old tin...


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