Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On the drawing board, this week.

It feels like I haven't done much in the way of tangible craft this week. Like something that I could hold in my hands to show and tell as I've been busy doing my website. So it's intellectual creativity at it's best.
Of course this has no doubt used more of my brain space than crafting cause I'm just not at all technically minded. So it's a hard yard for my little brain.

I received the bestest present of my domain name and a host for my birthday, November last year! and it's taken me this long to get motivated to sit down and do it. The site is very basic at present, but hopefully directs people to all the right places when they want to buy.

It's free hosting, so at this stage it will redirect to Etsy for a part of it, but I'm happy to have one address I can print on my cards, that will show everything I do.
I sell stationary under finki, jewellery under finkifine, and knitwear under finkifibre. So when considering my next business cards, I don't have to worry about the whole ... directing people to 3 different places. All at one .com address now.

Of course.....that's not all I did. You know I go a little loopy if I haven't made time at least once a week to sit and create. Soooo.........this week I hit the fabric stash, and pulled out the packets of self covered button hardware that I bought ages ago.

There are a few Aussie sellers on Etsy that do the button thing, and I have no intention of stealing there thunder, I actually buy from three of them and they each represent such a different style that is totally unique within that medium. My angle, is vintage.

Years ago I worked at Savers. During my time there and really, over my life of loving those rare op shop finds, i have accumulated..........and I kid you not, 7 super tubs of fabric that stack up to over 7 foot tall, all relics from the 50's, 60's and 70's.
She who dies with the biggest stash of fabric wins...................isn't that how the saying goes.
So far I've done some, rings, earrings and hair pins, and look forward to doing some art brooches, utilising my artwork sewn onto a mish mash of vintage fabric.

On the drawing board next week: labelling products, ready for the market.


  1. You have such variety - amazing! Looking good!
    Your website is also looking great. I am trying to do one myself and it is just not happening. Hope to work something out soon.

  2. Your website looks fantastic! And your fabric stash beats mine...

  3. Thanks for checkin out the website guys, one day I'll have a swish artsy one....might have to upgrade from the free hosting for that one! (:

  4. Hey Jay, Hope you don't mind that I went and got a website template from same place as you. I having been trying out different ones for weeks and none were as user friendly as these. I also need a simple one to just be out there for now. Thanks for letting us see yours! Lou.

  5. Hey lou, glad to have helped, I was gunna try create one from scratch, but I was to overwhelmed by it all and settled for ready made template as a basis to work on. Let me know when yours is ready for a sticky beak.
    Cheers, jay.


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