Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coming home...............

It's all go in my end of the world....
about to start packing up house for the big move, which is always fun starting fresh and setting up a new, but the packing and cleaning of the old one I'd much rather not do...

Also house hunting for little sis,who's making the big move from Queensland to Melbourne......finally!

I can't begin to express the disgust in how we were spoken to at so many real estates when trying to view available properties to rent. Lets just say, if you are looking for representation of your property you will not get the red carpet experience as promised from a certain real estate in Reservoir....Girls, I thought stories from our Spotlight experiences were bad....dealing with real estates takes the cake....

Moving on the long story short is that when mum and dad divorced 17 years ago, mum went to Queensland with 4 of my younger siblings.
As I was older and more established in Melbourne with work and partner, I stayed here...and so begun the frequent flyer points and thousands of dollars to see my family each year.

We have often felt torn and as though I should be there or my sister be here, but as time went on and we both started families it just got harder and harder to even think about.
When Kiz was little, we did give up Melbourne for a year to live in sunny Queensland but all that sun went to my head and I craved for days when I could wear boots, winter jackets and straighten my hair without instant humidity frizzing it and of course a good old Melbourne cafe.....there's none like them.
So after a year we realised that although Queensland was a lovely place to visit, it wasn't home for us. So we came home.

Continuing on, we lived similar lives in separate states.

I'd dye my hair blonde and call to tell sis only to hear her say...me too I did it today, I'd start a health kick to get fit and call her to find out she'd just started one too. I'd buy a new sewing machine, make a range of journals, ring to say I was pregnant and talk about how I wanted to do a clothing range for bigger girls....... and she'd say..... me too!
A million miles away and living separate lives we always had so much in common and were always drawn in a similar direction.

So finally, 14 years on, we will be back together.

Sure we'll fight..that's what sisters do, sure she'll eat my food and make me go for walks at 6 in the morning, and sure as sure I'll be miss bossy boots cranky pants far too often, but I'll also get to see my niece and nephew more than once a year, I'll be able to pop over for Sunday brunch, I'll be able to give her a real hug when life suxs.....

A lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same.

Manda will be joining 'Finki' as head pattern maker and co designer of an exciting new clothing label, but more importantly,
my little sis is coming home......


  1. oh Congrats Jay! how fabulous to have your family so close once again
    I could not live without my sister but also know the pain of seperation as Im not in contact with my oldest sis :(
    Hope the real estate thing gets better nothing worse than bad service

  2. I hear you on the Real Estate Agent thing. As a general rule they all suck. I'm sure there are good ones out there but they are few and far between.

    Congrats on the return of your sister, mine lives close enough that we swap houses for dinner on Tuesday nights and it is ace!!

    Here's to a fabulous year with closer family and a wonderful new abode :-)

  3. That is such amazing news. Just imagine what two super talented sisters will be able to create once they put their minds together!

  4. that's lovely. We were all originally from Melbourne. I love that we're closer now, but with them on the sunshine coast and me in brisbane I think I used to see them as often when I was earning big bucks and living in Melbourne!

  5. That's fantastic, both that your sister is moving down and you'll be working together. I bet I'll be reading magazine profiles about the pair of you within the next two years.

  6. Jay that is soo very cool!!!
    yay for sisters, I got a tear just reading your story.
    so happy for you.
    all the best for the new adventures to come your way.
    hugs to you gorgeous gal

  7. Oh Jay, I can hear the excitment in your words. How COMPLETELY WONDERFUL that your sister is coming home.. and home to play and work with you. You are very lucky to have a sister who is also your friend.

    Oh, and good luck with the packing... focus on the excitement of unpacking... in your NEW HOME!

  8. How wonderful - after all that time

  9. such a wonderful post and so happy for you to be having your sister close by. I am LOVING your cushions in your last post too!!


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