Sunday, February 28, 2010

Circles challenge complete.....

So the end of February also brings around the end of this months design challenge. I don't know about you but those few less days we have in February seemed to make all the difference this month. Well that and possibly the many things going on in my little house at present that left little time for creating anything new.

But I could not let one month go by without having made a little something new.
I decided to hit the fabric stash for this months 'seeing circles' challenge and make a new necklace. I've been fabric wrapping bangles of late but wanted to use fabric somehow for necklaces. I thought of doing yo yo's but decided on pin wheels instead.Not entirely sure of how to do them I cut up a scrap of fabric and experimented with winding away.

Happy with how they were shaping up I pulled out some of my favourite red fabrics and got them ready for winding.

After each circle was done I just laid them out into a shape I liked, slip stitched them together and sewed on two loops to join the chain.

Dadah!..... Another challenge met.

I quite like the way it turned out and might make a few in different colors for the Northside Makers market.

How did you go for this months challenge?
Don't forget there are no fails in this challenge, so if you're only half done....carry on crafting and send me pics when you're done.

Back tomorrow to draw the new challenge theme for March...


  1. This looks very nice and original! You're sooo clever!

  2. Ooooh I love that! Unfortunately my circle challenge idea is still sitting in my brain... I'm thinking at this stage I might be combining Feb and March into one.

  3. i'm still working on february's challenge and we're already up to march ... waaaa! this year's flying by too fast!

  4. love this necklace :) very effective

  5. The necklace is fabulous, great colours!

  6. Gorgeous Jay. You are an endless stream of fantastic ideas.

    Hope the housing developments are all going well.

  7. Damn I missed out on Feb's challenge theme! Looking forward to seeing what March's theme is tomorrow. Love your necklace by the way!

  8. Your necklace is beautiful - well done!


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