Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Market goodies....

Another market day done and dusted. The first for the year...

Photos by Mrs. Beckinsale.

It was perfect weather, a beautiful display of handmade wonder on show and a relatively rested me. I think I hit the hay at 10.30 the night before. Very unusual for moi, but I did tell my self there would be no more late nighters before market day, so I'm holding true on that one.

I was tempted by far too much of the fabulous goodies on display. I could have come home with double the amount, but I'll save some for next Northside Makers on March 13th.

For now, here are the things I could not resist:

Spunkiest jammies for Finn, that I ever did see by :Little cooties.

An irresistible fish with soap in his tummy by: Twisted stitches.

Some spunky red booties by: Konstant Kaos

A bag or two from the lovely Krin, who had her work on the collective table.

This beautiful felted necklace which perfectly matched my purple top on the day. Made by: Alannah banana designs.

A much coveted bobbin badge by the lovely Mrs.Beckinsale.....

and lastly but not leastly this fabulous notepad inspired by the eye charts of old but much more aptly using crafty words galore. This ones by the clever Beky over at Pivotal Xpressions.

Pop on over to the Northside Makers blog to see more pics of market day and if you'd like to join in on the fun, applications are now open for March's market...


  1. Hi Jay, I went onto flikr and watched the whole photostream of the market, It was like being at the movies! I am so impressed with all the amazingly talented people you have joined together to make this so successful. How proud are you? How good are you?
    The best ! X

  2. What a lovely haul Jay! Not surprised you couldn't resist! I do wish I lived a little closer so I could indeed "drop in" to one of these lovely markets! Alas, I may have to wait until I can organise a holiday around "dropping in"! Glad you haven't worn yourself out in preparation too!

  3. I didn't get time (away from the craft table, cupcakes, face-painting and balloons) to look at all the stalls! (I wish I'd seen the knitted wash-fish!) You bought some beautiful goodies.


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