Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gettin' stitchy with it ...

The weekend saw us visiting our new 'Masters' store for a family fun day. Now we don't usually visit hardware stores for family fun, no...
A member of our family works there and before their official opening, they had a little silent opening just for family and friends to have a sticky beak.
It's huge and clean and orderly and will definitely give OTHER big hardware stores in the area some major competition. The lighting dept, ornamental garden area and wallpaper section were all very exciting to my crafty heart.
But this isn't an advertisement for the new hardware store on the block, 
rather a beginning to how this triptych of hearts came to be.

The course I'm doing called for us to bring an element of a place that helps us dream... into our home. Having quite a small home, that is overly cluttered with the products of my craft addiction i wasn't entirely sure where I could fit an ocean! Calm water, expanse of sand, nothing but nature...

So I parked the idea and figured something would present itself soon enough. And sure enough whilst shopping on family fun day...Go Masters...I found this set of 3 canvas prints. Ocean, sand, pebbles, hearts. Depicts all the things I wanted it to. My only hesitation was the lack of color. So I decided to add a splash of red by stitching a few elements on each canvas.

Now when I look at them I sense wide open spaces,
 my feet in the sand and my heart in craft.
 A little corner to dream in.
Jay. x


  1. Ooh, Masters have wallpaper? I tried going to the paint shop across the street from work to look at wallpaper samples but they don't sell them any more. Maybe I can drop in on my way home from work one day, or take the kids to pick up Hubby from his job.

  2. I love that you have added a little piece of yourself to these canvases - what a very Finki thing to do!


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