Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Experimenting and making new things ...

Have finally got around to making this little foxy after sitting on the pattern for well over a year. Tis the cutest thing eva.
I am sure I should be doing real work, but experimenting with new things is much more fun.

 I still haven't given up on the crochet training either.

Pretty quickly getting through that little stash of wool I bought at Spottie recently,
by learning new stitches and making lots of scarflettes.

What will I do when winter is over?
Jay x


  1. Your foxie is very cute. I've puled my wool out and am relearning crochet again too. Lots of large squares which may never get sewn together. Your scarflettes may have been a better idea. Cherrie

  2. Little red fox is awfully cute! I love the diversity of your work Jay - always fun and interesting and a little bit practical too!


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