Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Before I go, I'd like to say ...

I'm feeling rather melodramatic about impending doom by way of a small operation I'll be heading off to have tomorrow... merely a day procedure, I won't even be staying in hospital overnight.
But there is something about reading the fact there is a 2% chance of death, that freaks the bejeebers out of me.

I'm an optimist 98% of the time and a pessimist the other 2%, so my pessimistic 2% mixed with the death rate of 2% has my little brain working overtime.

From the pessimist in me ... if perchance the advice that 'death is possible if complications occur' happens to be referring to me, I'd like to say ...

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The optimist in me now says... 
see you on Friday, albeit a little bruised and battered and probably feeling sorry for myself.
Jay x


  1. Oh Jay I think that is a pretty normal response! Hope everything goes well - as I am sure it will - and you are home and soaking up some tlc from the family lickety split. Best of luck hon.

  2. Gah! 2% is way too high! Good luck, I hope it all goes well and you're back on Friday :)

  3. I'll stick to the cup half full and say: "See you on Friday". Those stats are even worse when you are on the outside waiting for someone to come out of the anesthesia. All the very best. Cherrie

  4. May the odds be ever in your favour!

  5. Hope you have someone to hold your hand! Take care and get well soon.

  6. Hope the procedure went well. I was thinking of you today. You'd better post soon so we know you're ok :-)


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