Monday, May 3, 2010

Mays design challenge..........

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.........oi, oi, oi.
Lds and gentlemen, grab your souvenir tea towels, whip out your nations pride, get the didgeridoo fired up and pop the billy on to boil cause the design theme for May is no: 27.......1: Planes, trains and automobiles
2: Turning Japanese
3: Weird science
4: Birds of fancy
5: Music and dance
6:Graffiti7:Wild west
8: Fantastic Flora
9: food, glorious food................. (why didn't I think of that!)
10: Seeing circles
11: It's hip to be a square. (imagine the interpretations...cubism art, square shaped teddy bears, the 1950's dag)
12: Steam punk
13: Technological
14: European travels15: The great vacation
16:I see red, I see red, I see red....(or whatever color we choose this month)
17: Space....the final frontier.
18: Circus
20:The animal kingdom
21:Our furry friends
23:Outer space
26: Australiana
27: Indigenous Australia

What could you explore for this one well, firstly a definition.
Indigenous: Originating and living or occurring naturally in an area or environment.
So....we haven't specified people, place, mineral, animal or plant for this, just that it be something that originated or occurs naturally in Australia, so you may choose to celebrate the people, the songs, the dream time or represent the flora, fauna and wildlife. Choice is yours.

I can think of a few fab tea towels I have that would make great stools, or pillows but that wouldn't be stretching myself at all. Been there, done that. So I'll be doing a little research on this one to come up with something more challenging.
Don't forget, the rules are pretty loose.....just be inspired by each theme and create whatever your heart desires. Jewellery, art, clothes, sculpture, photography or even a meal......if it's your original design from your two hands, then it definitely meets the challenge.

If you haven't joined in on the 'monthly design challenge' before, of course you are welcome to start now. This is not a yearly challenge. Just a monthly one. So if Feb inspired you, but March didn't that's quite alright by me. Just jump on board when the goings good and when you finish your project make sure to send me a link to your blog post or pics so I can show n' tell your work on here for all the other challengers to see.

For some inspiration this month check these out:

Rainbow serpent by: Maiawalli Art
Kanga love print by: Crowbiz
Australian map paper bird by : Cotton bird designs
Budgie crotchet pattern by: Crotchetroo
wildflowers zip pouch by: Paisley pathways
Kakadu soap w' native essential oils by: Inner Earth Soaps
Australian wildflower greeting cards by: Kathryn Jewkes
Screen printed Kookaburra bag by :Mim
Nerys ceramic necklace by :Hannahfaerie


  1. Those crocheted budgies are gorgeous!

  2. hey there I'm in this month a challenge indeed lets see what i come up with huh!!! xx ps i do very much enjoy your blog!!!

  3. Oooooh I need to get my thinking cap on!

  4. ooo yippeeee! cant wait to get onto this one xxx

  5. Ohh! I just took possession of some lovely indigenous print fabric!

  6. oh and I just remembered its reconciliation week this month how appropriate ;)

  7. I should have read this *before* going out to lunch! I just walked to the Vic markets and went past all the souvenir shops... could have picked up a little inspiration on my way past.

    Oh, well, I'll just have to wait till Thursday, or use my own creative imagination ;)

    I might actually get the April Challenge done this weekend... should do that before I start something new!

  8. Can you believe my luck?? I'm in the far north of WA, right in the heart of Indigenous Australia, I have souvenir teatowels and Aboriginal art coming out my ears, and I cannot create anything because I a) have no tools and b) have no time!! Good grief!! This challenge may have to be simply a photography challenge for me - does that count?

    PS, how do you do that cool thing with the photos all chunked together like that??

  9. Love your blog and love your pendant brooches too :)


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