Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's been keeping me so busy.......

I've been so crazy busy lately, that I have sadly neglected updating you all about the interesting things happening in Finki land.

We've officially moved in and unpacked every last box.

Finally got the Internet back up and running.

Started renting a new studio at Olive Grove so I could reclaim the dining room as a place that one might have friends over to eat in.....

and most exciting of all, with the help of little sis ........'Finki' has spread it's wings in to the world of fashion and started making clothes....

Not just any clothes.

Funky, spunky, retro and bright delights, strictly for the plus size gal.

Why plus size? Well to state the obvious ( but some of you, may not have met me) I'm a plus size gal.

I have been a size 20 for as long as I can remember. So rather than fight the continual fight of one day being skinny, I decided to make all the clothes I've ever wanted to wear, but haven't been able to as the mainstream fashion world stops at size 16.

The Finki fashion label goes from size 12- 20, but it is a plus size 12-20. So think more like the sizing you would find at My Size, City Chic or Autograph....not Supre' and the likes....

So far we have a funky knee length A-line skirts, that..... get this......sit on your hips, not all the way up to your ribs!

Then there's the most flattering top/vest you'll ever wear. It covers the fadubadahs, the love handles and all, whilst having a shaped body and peeka boo back. So it's sensible and sassy all at once. Perfect for layering with a bright 3/4 body tee in winter or singlet in summer.

Also on the rack is our first pinnie.
Who could resist, spots, ric rac and big red buttons.

Everything pictured is available in store now at 'Olive Grove studios' 159 Sydney rd, Brunswick, Vic.

Next on the cutting table is some body tee's, cardi's and dresses.....

Not to mention my first screen is good to go, so I'll have some screen printed clothes with 100% original Finki designs coming up real soon.

So, so exciting.

I'm just loving it all and my wardrobe is excited to see some color at last.....

I'll be back soon, to update you more on the house, the studio and life in general.



  1. Gorgeous! Amazing! I love them all! Will you be selling them online?


  2. ooooo how fabulous!

    love those designs you and your sis are super dooper talented xxx

    btw your family is devine such a happy looking family xxx

  3. Oh wow, those skirts are absolutely gorgeous! About time handmade catered for the plus size girl. I'll have to bring my sis in for a visit to look at the funky new clothes.

  4. You have been busy. Congratulations, the clothes look spectacular!

  5. Wow, what great colours! All the best with your Finki Fashion label!

  6. what a cute polka dot dress

  7. I'm not a size plus girl but at 52 the body just isn't the same and comfort doesn't have to be boring. I gave a sigh of relief when I read you still do a size 12 and 14. Can't wait to see the goodies.

  8. Is it okay if I think Finny is cuter than everything else put together?

  9. Any chance you will be selling these online for us plus sizes who aren't in Melbourne

  10. You have been busy!! I feel rather slack, but also inspired ;)

  11. I'm with all of them, I can feel a Skirt coming on and I think Liesa will have to have one too and we aren't just saying that cos we love you, We Love those skirts!

  12. Congratulations - what a great looking line! Hope to see them IRL in a couple of weeks!

  13. Congratulations, how exciting for you. The skirts look great will have to go check them out in person.

  14. Jay, I'm so excited for you, and so totally inspired by the way you constantly take steps in the direction of your dreams. You are a star.

    Can't wait to come and check out the new range. What days are you over at Olive Grove next week? Perhaps I can pop over to say Hi.

  15. Yay, i love my spotted pinnie and have had loads of coments.

  16. Go you! I think that is well worth waiting for an update. Please send some to Handmade Heaven...pretty please! Lisa x

  17. Congratulations on moving into a new house (and unpacking it all), your new studio and starting your own line of clothing! It looks great!!

  18. this new line is fantastic! So funky, and am loving the green fabric - gorgeous.
    Good luck with it all - I'm sure it will be a hit :)

  19. Fab-o!! I'm definitely heading down to Olive Grove. Do they have a change room there??

    Great post!

    Jen in Melbourne

  20. The clothes look great! Well done:)

  21. I am excited! Any new entry into the plus-size clothing market is very welcome, and the fact that you are right here in Melbourne, even more so. I'll be there with bells on, right after the long weekend. Thank you!


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