Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another month over.....

Well it has come to the end of Autumn and the end of another monthly design challenge.

My piece inspired by the Indigenous Australia theme is still a work in progress, so I'll be back soon with photos of the end result.
I decided my little shadow box of dolls from around the country did not have Australia represented, so my months craft is in the shape of an indigenous Australian doll....a finished piece to come soon, I promise.

Luckily for me, other crafters out there are more organized with there time and were able to come up some great results for this months challenge.

Sarah- jo from Ideyspidey whipped up this fabulous mamu tunic and dilly bag for her little one using a pretty piece of Indigenous fabric aptly named dancing flowers.

Nina Lise of Mrs. moen the not so secret life of a quilter, has put on her thinking cap, done a bit of research (cause she's not Australian or in Australia) and come up with this fab fish quilt....what a star.

The text translates as “There is hope in a hanging (fishing) line”.

Sue over at Diva jools has also done wonders interpreting the theme and come up with this fabulous necklace.

Sue always puts so much thought into the process involved in making each piece, so I thought I'd share it with you to.

"The sheild is made from copper that has been bashed about and heavily patinaed . To that I have added a piece of ceramic - that was once a vase until it met its fate under my trusty hammer! I have shaped and drilled it then topped it with a wooden disc and bead that has been riveted together. I decided to hang that from a bit of twig I found on a walk during my last holiday away and I wrapped the whole lot with copper wires that have been heated and treated! The pendant has been strung on a necklace that is made up of seeds, ceramic discs and fish bones. The most interesting part of the whole necklace is the seeds. They are called ininti seeds. These are seeds from the bat’s wing coral tree (grey corkwood,Erythrina vespertilio ), which grows in the Northern Territory of Australia. They are prepared by burning a hole through the centre - usually with a hot piece of wire but in earlier times the Aboriginal peoples used a stick to burn the hole. I find them very beautiful - imagine how much patience is needed to make a hole in them?! I was aiming for a necklace that had an outback feel with a modern look"

Thanks to everyone who joined in and don't forget if yours is still a W.I.P like mine, keep going and show me when you're done.

One last pic to show you.

Karen over at House of Wilson has finished a piece inspired by the April theme "music and dance"

She has made this funky cushion for her expecting friend to help her get comfy at night. She happens to be a music teacher but not to leave out the expecting father, she has used a backing fabric of dragons that he would love too.

Back later to select the new theme for June.

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