Friday, June 11, 2010

This is the end.......

The end of markets for me.

It's been a blast. Almost 2 years on the scene, but the time has come to say goodbye.
I have loved meeting new friends, discovering great new talent, having many opportunities come my way that I would have never have had happen if it weren't for doing craft markets. But....
I have hated the late nights, the early mornings and the long days.Most of all, I have hated having to depend so much on family and friends to take care of my kids so I could hang all my hopes on a wing and a prayer that I'd be bringing home the bacon.

Fortunately I did, and I'm forever grateful that I had the opportunity to get myself out there and grow as a crafter. My time marketing has been invaluable and if you have the fantastic network of peeps that I have had to make this all possible I highly recommend that everyone starts there career at markets.There is no quicker or more affordable way to evolve in what you do, to ready yourself for the next step.
Lucky for me I have taken the next step and entered the retail world with Finki. I'm lovin it. Every day is a challenge and I'm always thinking of the next ten things I wanna do. It's full on. Which is another reason I have to give up markets.
There is just not enough hours in the day to fulfill all my commitments. I'm usually the queen of over committing. Writing and re writing lists, prioritizing and reprioritizing my life.

But this time, something had to give.So for the last time ever, I have a market stall this Saturday .
Sisters Market
Brunswick town hall
Sydney rd, Brunswick
10 -4pm.

I'd love for you to come along and say hi and goodbye...

I'll have:
All new glass pendants adorned with 100% finki more scrapbook papers here!Lots of new story book baskets, pen holders and bill books.

Fabulous new colors in birds and bobbies.

A whole new range of tea towel and retro fabric stools.

and lastly but not leastly check out my new threads down at the shop. My first screen printed skirt......

and 'lovely leggings. All in sizes 12 -20.

I won't be bringing the clothes to the market. It's not the best place to be trying on stuff and they have no eftpos, but they'll all be down at the shop 'Olive Grove' 159 Sydney rd, Brunswick. Which is only 2 blocks down the road and does have fitting rooms and eftpos.

Hope you can make it for a sticky beak.
Jay xx


  1. WoW ! I am so happy for you to have found your lot in life.
    Now, Where can we look at those clothes ? Does Olive Grove sell on line ?

  2. Sounds like a wise decision... Great to have your reflections on markets and how they fit into the scheme of selling handmade. I hope your last market is a corker!

  3. I`ll belive it when i see it!!!

  4. Congratulations on taking the next step. I think once I return to Australia I will take on the markets more seriously. It's inspiring to hear that it worked for you. All the best! :)

  5. I am so sure that you are going to be missed by soooo many customers, fellow stallholders and market co-ordinators. I know I would be crying if I was down there....But they can still catch you in the retail world...thank goodness you are still going and haven't stopped all together. You my darling are AWESOME..YOU ROCK and are totally INSPIRATIONAL.
    Kisses to you and good luck in your retail world...


  6. Oh Jay, I am sad that I won't bump into you at the local craft markets but I am really so happy to see all the hard work has paid off! You must be so proud about all that you have achieved and are still achieving. You go girl!

    How gorgeous is that dragon fly skirt? I am going to have to get myself down to Olive Grove sometime soon to get one cos I can't make it to the sisters market today! It's divine!

  7. What a journey. I hope retail provides the Finki business with predictability and structure, as well as challenges and growth. Your versatility and creative brilliance will shine through no matter what environment you're in.

  8. Who would have thought that the little golden haired girl standing next to her red plastic pusie would have turned out to be the crafty guru she is. You have not become your mother you have outdone her. Never stop dreaming and never stop creating. Your very proud Mum.

  9. OMG Leggings up to size 20! I am SO there (when hubby comes back with the car). I'm just praying they don't sell out of them before I get there.

    (I just stumbled upon your blog in a link from Lark's blog)

  10. Congratulations Jay - Good for you to get out there and try scarey world of retail! I cant believe it but Ive been to your shop already!!!! Couple of weeks back my sisterand I had a luverly meal at Tom Phat's ( across the road I believe) and we parked outside your shop. I said got to check out this place, looks like my style - went in and had a look around, never dreamt it belonged to someone I kinda know? Loved your tea towel stools at front of shop! Wish you bags of good luck in your new adventure, and please try out Tom Phats, unless you have already. Gail aka gladyandflo X

  11. Hi there Jay, congratulations on your gorgeous shop Olive Grove. Ive already been and checked it out, not knowing it was your shop. Had lunch at Tom Phat's couple of weeks ago, and we were parked outside your gorgeous shop. Popped into have a look, and thought "Ive seen these goodies before, but where???" Then I read on Larks blog the other night that you had gone into the scarey world of retail - wow what a coincidence?? Loved your shop, and hope you do well. And do yourself a favour and have something to eat at Tom Phat's ( you no doubt have?)Lots and lots of luck Gail aka Gladyand floX

  12. Congratulations! I gave up markets earlier this year too. The time was right and it's easier to make things to order for shops rather than guessing. Good luck!


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