Monday, December 13, 2010

A hatchling no more...

So my time at Craft Hatch has been and gone.

I still felt a little out of place beside all these emerging designers in a gallery space.
They all have such a minimalist approach with 20 items lovingly anchored on wedges of wood or twisted vine.
But you know me...

Give the table height, color and lots of things to look at.

I tried my best to cull it down and just take a small sample of say 30% of the products I do, but it still managed to look full to the brim.

Being minimalist is just not me...

An interesting fact, was that everything I sold on the day is exactly what I sell well at Northcote and Brunswick markets.
So the city siders shopped no differently than the northerners. Not sure why I thought they would be drawn to anything different, but there you go.

In case boredom struck...or the need to go for stroll in the city, I had my trusty beau as my sales assistant for the day.

As it was, we spent most of the day tag teaming to go on photo trips, lunch stops and shopping adventures.
The market really only called for one person to be manning a stall.
Not much customer flow at all after 1 0clock.
Admittedly, there was so much on in the city. Book fairs, fair trade markets, and not to mention at least three major markets in the burbs.

So I think the Christmas crowds were quite possibly evenly dispersed between all the amazing handmade offerings out there on Saturday.

At least I can tick another x-mas commitment off my list.
We are quite quickly working our way through all the meetings, work party's, markets and making.
With only one more market to go this Thursday night, I quite look forward to putting my feet up and taking time ride our bikes, go to the park and have a few BBQ's.

Jay xx


  1. Your stall looks completely amazing as per usual!
    I think there was just far too much market choice last weekend - oversaturation! I bet you're really looking forward to the 24th Decemeber.

  2. I think your stall looks great - lots of variet and things for people to discover. Sometimes the minimalist approach can be a bit off-putting I think - everyone assumes the things are too "high-brow" and therefore too expensive! Depends on the location and the crowd but it always seems to best to be yourself and go with what you feel to be appropriate for your gear! Roll on the last market!

  3. Minimalism, schminalimism! Minimalism is for people with no imagination, your table looked great. And so did you and Ty.

    Finki Ya Ya

  4. wow Jay! well done, it all looks amazing & so does Mr F's tie.
    too many things on, Thornbury was ok, flowing but not crazy and visited the sugar & spice market yesterday & it was very quiet.
    too much going on during this crazy season.
    all the best for christmas
    many hugs ♥

  5. It's always odd being the seasoned stallholder amongst a bunch of emerging designers. It's very much "Here's three things wot I made" against "Height! Variety! Dancing girls!"

  6. Looks Great, I'm with you go for height and colour and lots of goodies to look at.
    Well Done
    Have a great week and good luck with your last market

  7. Oooooh! I would have been straight over to you stall...forget the minimalist styleee...give me lots of creative goodness, colour and LOADS of it!!
    Well done for ticking another commitment thingy off your list! :)


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