Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Night market on Thursday.....

After a rainy start to the x-mas markets last week, it's time for number two...

Kris Kringle night market is on again.

Northcote town hall, 189 high st, Northcote Vic
December 2nd, 9th and 16th
5.30 - 10pm

Whilst day one was quiet, it gave me a chance to do the rounds and get a few of my own chrissie presents organized. It also gave me time to get the layout organized and make sure I could fit everything in. My first time trying to set up clothing, so I was a bit anxious. But it all came together looking really good.
I'll take a camera for photo's this time I promise.

There are four of us hailing from Olive Grove at the market. Well five really, as Mrs. Beckinsale aka jenny has some of her famous tram cushions on display. It's almost like we are bringing the shop to you.

So if your in the neighborhood, do pop down and say hi and don't forget to bring your v.i.p bloggie voucher.

Also coming soon will be my stall at Craft Hatch.

Saturday December 11th, 253 Flinders Lane, City Library, Level 1 Gallery, Melbourne

There is an amazing line up of talent for the day, so I'm a wee bit nervous that I don't belong, but I'll fake it till I make it... and pretend I am a designer worthy of such a high profile city central market.

Fingers crossed, that I am convincing enough.

Jay xx

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  1. Craft Hatch! Fantastic!

    I think you'll go great. The ties should go down a treat but I wouldn't bother bringing much (if any) kids stuff. Notebooks, covered journals, wooden bangles, probably even mens tees will be very popular.

    Remember, Craft Vic selected you so they must believe you'll do well.

    (This is Mrs Beckinsale, not logged in properly on Hubby's computer.)


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