Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Markets and discounts for all.....

Did I say NEVER....
Did I really say I was NEVER was doing markets again....

Well I may have used the word a little too liberally, never say never. Just say .... not for a bit. Not quite as dramatic but leaves yourself open for change of mind.

So, I did say I was no longer doing markets and that held true alllllll year. But there is no better way of testing a product in such a busy and face to face environment.
At Olive Grove we only work one day a week, so you only see a small percentage of the customer that is drawn to your stuff on any given day. You don't entirely get the feedback you need.

What colors were they drawn too, did they withdraw once they saw the price, did they say "how cool would that octopus be on a green tee instead" All the important feedback you need and all the different perspectives from a range of people is really important. Because as much as hubby, kids and in laws say they like it all, it is important to appeal to a wider audience and hear what others have to say.

and.....I can tell you, at markets......they don't hold back.
It's almost like you are invisible sometimes. Some shoppers forget, or just don't care that you have spent hours of love and devotion, creating every little thing they look at and quite freely they'll dish out stellar remarks like "how tacky is that" or "you'd get one cheaper at k-mart" Yep I've heard it all.
But it's all good.
Diversity and difference is what makes Melbourne such an interesting place to live in.

It's what you do with those comments, that can make or break you.
As far as the negative Nancy's go....I say shop at K-mart my love as you were probably brought to this craft market under sufferance from your mum or crafty gal pal, who is the one that appreciates handmade. No point at all trying to argue the value of handmade to someone like that. It's like water off a ducks back. My advice would be, switch off internally, smile and carry on.
The price comments are always good ones to listen too. But you have to keep in mind that people often speak loudly about how something is too expensive, when they are on a budget. If they are shopping for a $15 kris kringle present and your hand screen printed tee is $60. Then it's possibly just an exclamation that it's out of there KK budget.

More so, if you hear rumblings of lets go back to the other stall that had screen printed tee's, his were only $25.......well then you may want to investigate.
Is your quality, technique, fabric choice and artwork comparable to what else is on offer in similar products your fellow crafters produce.
Possibly, you have over estimated the worth of your funky tee's or possibly....comparably... you have used sweat shop free, made in Australia base tee's, as apposed to others using made in china tee's.......you have used solvent free, water based inks, and eco packaging.
The point here is, find your unique point of difference and capitalise on that. The average Jo will not know the difference that sets you apart from Mr. t-shirt in the corner...

Have as much signage or information available, to educate people on what makes your stuff special. Then you can most definitely hold your head high when confronted with "look at the price" comments and be proud that you are not ripping people off, you are offering a little piece of your heart and soul presented in a way that is so you....for them to embrace.

Anyway's I do ramble.....I hadn't intended on a 'why markets are good for sellers' speel, just sorta happened.

My mission today was to tell you, I have taken on board a few markets for the silly season.

BUT.....it is not FINKI as you know it.

You will not see one single thing you saw on my stalls last year. This year it's all new.
There will be diaries, bags, cuff links, ties and tee's for men and children all hand screen printed with my own graphic designs.

I still do all my girly stuff, which you'll find this x-mas at the shop, but men's and children's wear is very new for me. S0 I'm taking it to the streets, to get some honest feed back and hope that one or two people along the way like it enough to take it home with them.

My first market will be this Thursday at Kris Kringle night market. 5.30 - 10pm, Northcote town hall and as per usual....I'm so anxious I just wanna throw up. Yep, I still get stage fright!

But no, I shall write my lists and check them twice to make sure I don't forget anything. And it will sorta be like a crafty reunion with all my market peeps, so It's all good....

I'll be sharing with the lovely Anna from Polly Pratt and most importantly, I'd like to offer you, my bloggy followers and friends a discount.

Just print this little flyer and bring it on market night to receive 20% off any goodies by 'Finki', if you have presents to buy for the girls too, or just need a dose of finki color for yourself I'd like to extend the offer to my goodies over at Olive Grove too.

Some of the funky tee's at Olive Grove... A mix of work from a few of our designers.
*(If you decide to shop at Olive Grove, Don't forget, discount only applies to 'Finki' stuff)

So from now till Dec you can take this voucher to any of my markets stalls to buy stuff for the men or to the shop where my accessories and ladies clothes are on display 'Olive Grove Studios' and get 20% off 'Finki' stuff.

If you do visit the shop, don't forget it is a co-op with the work of 8 other designers there too and your Voucher only entitles you to a discount on 'Finki' labeled goodies.

Hope to see you all at the markets and if you are offering bloggy discounts over Xmas too, let me know. Because...as always, I pledge to only buy handmade for all my x-mas presents and who doesn't love a bargain.
Jay xx

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  1. Your generous offer is enough to make me wish I live in Melbourne... :) ~ Christine


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