Sunday, November 14, 2010

Abscence makes the stock piles grow bigger.....

Bad blogger am I..... But I'm sure you know my patterns of absence well enough to know, that behind the scenes it's all go..........

I have turned the house into a crazy whirl wind of 'to do' lists whilst gearing up for the busiest time in retail, especially for hand made. I tend to have very long to do lists each day and only get 70% of them done, but 70% is better then none and the reality is....I do need sleep, food and family time.
So I'm not quite the machine, making 24/7. If I was, I think it would quickly get old, balance and writing lists is the key so I can feel as though I am ticking things off each day and moving in a forward like motion.

The store is slowly getting re-stocked with all my faves, whilst I also work away at many exciting new things to hit the shelves very soon.

I will most definitely show and tell all, soon,
But for now here are a few things that have been keeping me occupied:

A new range of summer dresses.

I tested them out in some funky green florals and a blue in store.... but hope to have them as an ongoing design made up in basic colors with screen printed contrast trim and pockets.

For a little fun and deviation from the clothing ......

I got all my scrap booking stuff out and made these fun book marks.

Screen printing is always a pleasure, so there has been much more of that too.

New ties....

new tee's, totes and halter tops.

This is my fave new print.

All works in progress, so you won't see them in store till next week.

Much more fun stuff to come before X-mas and possibly a few market appearances too...

Jay xx


  1. Wow you have been busy love!! Great things happening here. Handmade is incredibly busy isn't it?? Back to my evening hand sewing on the lounge, love Posie

  2. I keep forgetting somewhere in the world its not as freezing cold as it is here and summer dresses are being worn :)
    Beautiful dress, love the fabric! And I love your new screen print too, so pretty!
    Oh and the bookmarks!
    Gorgeous,gorgeous,gorgeous! :)
    Keep up with the balance and the list DEFINITELY looks like it's working from here :)

  3. I'm always overwhelmed when I see your output! Definitely time for me to take a break - probably shouldn't be saying that on my first day back on the job!

  4. WOW I love that dress, and the new screen print! Excellent work


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