Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And the winner is.....

Thanks to all who joined in on my 'end of blogtoberfest' giveaway.

We have a winner...or two actually.

I went with good old random org for the selection.
I was a bit worried how I'd choose one for the red when most people wanted the black but luckily enough, I just hit go and a red selector came up first.

Can you believe it...random org chose number 1:

The first commenter 'Monet Paisley'..... What a lovely reward for being the first to join in.

Next up was:

Number 3: 'Willy wagtail' who chose the gorgeous black one.

So both tee's are going to new homes very soon. Hope you luv them.

Congratulations ladies. I'll be in touch soon, to get your details.


  1. That is amazing. Thankyou so much. Do tell me that is a little willywagtail there. I love it and I'm glad MonetPaisley won the red one. :) Cherrie

  2. Hi Jay, I found your blog by following a link from MonetPaisley - I just love your wonderful ideas and your colourful designs. I will be sure to watch out for more of your bloggings! Please come and visit me too at Jelly Bean Jam. Christine xx

  3. Those are such great patterns. Congratulations to both of you.

  4. I emailed you but forgot to say thankyou in public. thanks so much, I am so excited, oh and by the way, I will need the largest size you have :-)


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