Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chenille for the bubba...

From BubbaChenille of course.

My fab new heat pack.

Just before X-mas the lovely gals from Handmade expo, Miriam, Liesa and Micky all came down for a Melbourne holiday and made the time to pop into work and say hello.
We shopped a little, lunched a little and swapped a little.

Liesa and I.

The lovely Miriam of bubbachenille took a fancy to one of my wrap skirts and I've always loved her chenille delights so we organized a swapsie.

A week later, Miriam returned home to a state that was flooding and sadly, those muddy waters made way into 'Mimmis' her newly opened shop.

I tell you, these women... the handmade crew, are absolute warriors for representing new designers and supporting handmade.
From there fabulous monthly markets to there own amazing shops Mimmis and Handmade heaven and in the face of rising rivers and sinking communities they all became local warriors and helped out at evacuation centers, started craft stash collections for the less fortunate and put on brave faces for their kids and neighbors. You can read Liesa words on it here.

After making sure family and community were managing o.k Miriam just took it all in her stride, came back and mopped up the shop, cleared out the mud and started again

A week later she was asking me what color chenille goodies I wanted, so she could honor our swapsies.
What a woman.
After all that, she was still thinking about her promise to make me some pants for Finny.
The energy, courage and goodwill of this family never ceases to amaze me.

So here is mr Finn in his new goodies.

No longer a boy that poses for the camera, but you can see the cuteness added to his life by owning some new Bubbachenille pants.

Rebuilding clientele in a flood affected region has got to be hard so if you're in the neighborhood looking for some awesome, original and beautiful goodies for yourself and your home, make sure to support this amazing little family and visit Mimmis or Handmade Heaven today.

They sure are a family worth supporting.
Jay xx


  1. I can see why you love these goodies Jay! The spirit and strength of women singly and collectively never ceases to amaze me ... wonderful stuff!

  2. This is such a beautiful writeup Jay. You too are an amazing woman and we love your dearly...We love what you do and what you say...YOU ROCK xox

  3. Great post and they are the most wonderful women! It is an absolute pleasure to know them. Your little one looks gorgeous in his new duds! I wish my children where still little enough to wear some Bubba.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Kiss Noises Linda

  4. Oh Jay, You are too kind, really. I am so glad Finn loves his pants and you your heat pack, it was certainly my pleasure to do swapsies with you and I love, love, love my Finki skirt!


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