Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Switched off mode...

Upon reflection I see that January has still been a creative month.

I was dubious, as I have not had my lists up and running and I have not been producing a daily stash of goodies for the shop.

So it sort felt like I was in slow motion, pottering here and there during nap times, whilst I primarily focused on making time for the wee ones during the holidays.

I took the camera to work on Sunday and snapped the few things I did get done in January and it made me realize that even in switched off mode, when I only get one project done over a week instead of a day, it all still adds up.

Its quality not quantity... and I quite liked the slower speed.

So my January mission was to make some apron tops/vests.

The Deer apron top, is layered over a fab boat neck singlet by Polly Pratt.

I do love a little wrap that goes over your basic singlet and covers the belly on those bloated days.
It's shaped through the side and darted at the bust to give it a nice fit.
So it's not just a wrap around that is one size fits all and adds bulk. No, no...I took the time to size it, shape it and make it flattering.

I forgot to take a pic before I dropped them in store and when I went on Sunday one colorway had sold out Hooray!
Fortunately I was wearing it...

So here's a sticky beak of it in a terrible point and shoot of ones self in the shop fitting room mirror.

I used the new screens I made at my photo screen printing class, including my new two color print. Very excited was I.

The other thing I did was print up a range of my ladies tee's in the deer print.

My new favorite.
The black one is modeled with an awesome skirt by Mim and bag by Starashan.

I also realised I hadn't shown you the other ladies tee's I did in December...

Owls and dragonfly's.
All available in white, black, red, plum, aqua and navy. Sizes 12 -20.

These are the base tee's I worked on with a Melbourne team to create a more flattering ladies tee.
It's a bit more generous around the mid section, shaped at the hem and has a lovely scoop neckline to flatter us busty gals.
Guaranteed sweat shop free made right here in Melbourne.

I'm not sure if that is something that appeals to people. The whole sweat shop free and locally made thing. It makes it a much dearer product for me to buy compared to tee's made in china, but I'm very happy to support local business and have the extra added benefit of being able to work closely with them to create a perfect fit.
So I think it's worth it.

Hope you've enjoyed the slower pace of January if you are a work at home mum like me.
It sure has been a much needed break to give me the energy to start fresh and at full steam next week when the kids are back at school.
Jay xx


  1. How gorgeous! I hope that there are some left when I get my figure back!

  2. Oooo I really love the apron top! I'll have to pop in sometime and check them out : )

  3. I'm trying to slow down too! Trying to enjoy the process as much as the product. I love your screen prints, and those ladies t-shirts are a lovely shape - I noticed how flattering they were even before I read the part about how you designed them that way!

  4. You know my feelings about sweatshop-free stuff. :-)

    At Olive Grove my interpretation that local/SSF is very important to the clientele. Their first expectation is that the stock has been made personally by the designers, and if not, that it's still locally made, fairly made and the designer has been involved in the process (as you have - I'm in awe of you working on a base tee design with the workshop!).

    I've seen customers interested in screenprinted stuff who put it back if it's not guaranteed SSF.

  5. I love your apron tops Jay - your gorgeous two colour screen print looks perfect! ~ Christine

  6. You works is looking great Jay. Loving the owl print.

  7. It's so hard to find scoop neck tees for us booby gals! Those ones are perfect.
    I really need to come and visit the shop.

  8. I just wish I could guesstimate my size and buy online. Do you know how hard it is to buy a basic but stylish t-shirt if you are not a plank ? of course you do, thats why you are making them!!!
    Ok. Must come and visit shop.....


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