Thursday, January 27, 2011

There's no place like home...

After 3 weeks away, that felt like an eternity, Little miss has returned home from adventures abroad with her Yaya and Grandpa.

I don't think I had one nights slumber that was restful and complete. Not from worrying, just from knowing my house was incomplete. A little piece was missing.

But we are whole again and my little girl has had some amazing adventures.
Opened up her eyes to whole new cultures and ways of being.

and after weeks of exotic foods, fresh fish and hotel breakfast banquets....

What do you suppose was the number one request for the first meal at home...
Some Vegemite toast!

There's no place like home.
Jay xx


  1. What a fantastic experience for her!

  2. Glad she's safely back where she belongs - with her Mum!

  3. Vegemite toast, how cute! So glad she is home and had a lovely time, I'm sure you missed her like crazy.

  4. oohh wonderful adventures Miss K!
    i so know what you mean Jay, the feeling of the family being incomplete.

    glad she's back & you can get those yummy squishy cuddles
    miss you gorgeous gal ♥

  5. I can't believe how grown up she looks! Isn't it strange when your kids start to have experiences without you.

  6. Ah wonderful to see she is back. Cool photos. I feel our little ones are little much wiser now they have been overseas. The question is, does Little Miss now have the travel bug?

  7. Yay for returning loved ones! bet you haven't stopped hugging her yet! What a gift for both your daughter and the Grandies - all those precious memories!


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