Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year, new adventures...

Another year over...what a blast it has been.
All the usual highs and lows designed to keep one on there toes, with a few major things ticked off the 'I'd like to achieve this year' list.
So it's been a great one.

Next year... I'd like to learn more, make new things and maybe I'll try and eat a few less cakey cakes and bready delights, my kryptonite!

But the focus at present is not about me and my adventures for the year to come, more so about my little girl, who's not so little any more.

Tomorrow, she'll be heading off to new adventures on a fabulous 3 week trip to Vietnam with her Yaya and Grandpa.

Ever since the tickets were booked she has been counting down the days, and we finally closed the lid on the bag yesterday, all packed and ready to go.

What will I do without my little girl,

No catching the train together,

no big sis to read bedtime books for mr.finny,

no-one intermittently posing zany questions, like..if you were trapped on island what book would you make sure to take!

But I know she'll have an amazing adventure with two of the most loving and caring people, who just adore everything that she is,

from her messy hair, unkempt fashion sense and desperate need to have a novel on hand in all situations, to her compassionate nature, her creative genius and her big ol' smile.

I will miss my big 'little girl'...but know we'll make some new year plans together when she gets back home.


  1. Have a great time Big Little Girl!

  2. Oh wow, what an adventure!! What a lucky girl. Happy New Year Finki family, love Posie

  3. Wow, she will have an excellent time. I wish her all the luck and fun!

  4. She is a very lucky little girl. I'm sure she'll have the best time but also be happiest when she returns to tell her Mumma all about her adventures.

  5. Thanks mum :)
    I love you and I'm gunna miss you sooooooooooooooooo much!
    leaving tomorrow 4 the airport at 10:00 PM and catching the plain at 1:00 AM that morning.
    cant wait!!!!!!!!!
    love you mum,
    from Kizzy!

  6. ohhhh, she will have a fab time! keep yourself busy so you dont pine for her too much xxx

  7. Don't worry Jay, we will look after her like the little treasure that she is. Thanks for letting us borrow her, we can't wait to have big adventures together with our special girl, our first grand-baby. We'll bring her home safe and sound, with lots of new experiences for her to share with you and Ty and Mr Finnegan. Ya Ya and Grandpa (and Deb and Laurie, who will look after her too.

  8. Oh my goodness Jay what an amazing gift you are giving both your daughter and her Grandies! You will miss her but this is what we parents do - give our kids wings! Happy trails to your youngun and keep us posted!

  9. That is so awesome. Good on you for letting her take such an adventure.

    Happy New Year Jay.


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