Monday, January 10, 2011

Smellin' the flowers...

Smellin' them, painting them...same difference.

Truth be told I was supposed to cutting out new skirts, but the lure of my new screens was too strong.
In waiting, was a fun new thing for me to do. Printing two color images.
So how could I ignore.
Rather then procrastinate over the perfect colors to combine I just pulled out my favourites and gave it a whirl burl. The best way to find out, is to try it.

So first I did a white base layered with red flowers.

Printed on the black bag tis' very striking indeed.

Next, I kept the white base and tried teal flowers. Lovely.

My favorite I think.

and lastly I tried a red base with blue flowers. noice...different...

Imagine the possibilities. I had to stop there. I could have gone all day.
Orange and red, brown and blue, khaki and pink...

Next time..

Might start thinking of placement and what type of garment it would suit, till then, I must finish those skirts.

Jay xx


  1. These are just beautiful Jay :) I love the red and blue! It is fantastic and so bright and bold.

  2. Brilliant Jay - just love how these look! No stopping you now m'dear!

  3. Love these, Jay! The red blue clash are a particular look. I'd love to see one colour on the black bags. Minimalist me! Hope you're enjoying your school holidays. ;o)

  4. Oh Jay, these are so beautiful! I love your colours and designs and I have to agree - very striking indeed. ~ Christine


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