Saturday, January 8, 2011

Going to the movies...

Going to the movies, is an outing that has changed over time.
From the gaggles of girls catching a bus with pocket money in hand to buy a choc top for the show, to first dates and finally, family outings.
Well that's not the finale... there will be senior day specials to move on to next.

But for now we are at the family outing stage.
We sometimes get a babysitter for both kids and manage to steal a few hours to ourselves but an easier option is to take them out too.

Lucky for us, we live close to an old fashioned drive-in. They are far and few between these days, but are the perfect option for satisfying different age groups without driving other patrons crazy.

We can take our own in car picnic, blankies and pillows. The kids can jump and sing and play cars in the back and the fellow movie goers don't hear a peep of the shenanigans.

So last night our movie of choice was Gulliver's Travels... Not so great, but you know, it's just nice to get out sometimes.

I remember going to the drive ins when i was little. Mum and dad would squish the 8 of us in the station wagon, smuggling a few under blankies in the back. Yep two adults and 3 kids they'd say.

We'd be off to see such cinema gold as the Leyland brothers on tour.

Didn't really matter what was on the big screen, it was just a blast to be at the drive -in.
Popcorn, hotdogs dripping in tomatoe sauce and the speaker hooked over your door.

These day's they still have the diner with all your typical drive-in grub, but technology has advanced so that you just tune in your radio for sound. Saves you from having to keep the windows open and be eaten alive by mossies.

For the first 20 minute's of adds Mr.Finn generally bounces around, excited by the freedom of being in a car and not strapped in,

but after some warm milk and the sun setting, he settles for at least half a movie before he falls asleep.

I'm always surprised at how busy it is, which is a good thing.

Keeps it going strong so we always have the drive-in experience to come back to.

Long live summer and the old drive-ins.
Jay xx


  1. The drive-in disappeared from Canberra years ago, but I still remember going with Mum & Dad to see Bambi. The highlight was playing in the playground at the interval :) ~ Christine

  2. Oh wow, i've never been to a drive in cinema or outdoor cinema either (i know, we lived in Darwin for over 6 years & i never made it to the famous Deck Chair cinema, but i'm a mosquito magnet). Love that Finn ended up asleep shirtless, my 4 still sleep topless. Love Posie

  3. Kizzy says: Was the movie good? Miss you heaps, but having fun in Vietnam! Love you, and dad and Finn. XXOO and from Ya Ya and Grandpa too.


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